Cloud Computing 101 – How to Upload Files to Amazon S3

S3 tutorial for those new to Cloud Computing and AWS S3

Thanks to S3Browser for the illustrations.

With S3 Browser you can upload any number of files to Amazon S3.

Here are the step-by-step instructions that explain how to upload/backup your files.

select the bucket before uploading files

Start S3 Browser and select the bucket that you plan to use as destination.  You can also create a new Amazon S3 Bucket if necessary.

    Click Files -> Upload File(s) on the menu or click the Upload button located on the toolbar. Or, click Files->Upload Folder if you want to upload a whole folder or whole drive.

Click Files,Upload Files or Folder

    Now you will see a Select File dialog or Select Folder dialog depending on what option you have selected.

Select Files or Folder to upload

    You need to select the file or files that you want to upload and click OK.  If you want to upload a folder please choose the folder and click OK.

S3 Browser will start uploading your files and will display the progress on the Transfers tab.

    Select Files or Folder to upload
    Transfers tab shows uploading progress

    Continue at: S3Browser

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