4 Years ago when EC2 was born – Amazon Cloud Computing goes beta

How quickly time goes by…

Here is an article released the day after Amazon gave birth to its new cloud baby – The EC2.

Much has changed since that time as many players have entered into the arena and many more lurking on the horizon.  Private Cloud, Pubic Cloud and Hybrid Cloud have all entered into the fold.  Where we will be in 4 years time will be interesting to see.  One thing is for certain, “The Cloud” has grown into an evolving population and there are many adopters waiting in the wings.

Here is part of the old Article dated Aug 24th, 2006

Amazon Cloud Computing goes beta…

The retailer’s web services division yesterday opened Elastic Cloud Computing for limited beta testing, promising prices starting at $0.10 per virtual server per hour.

EC2, as Amazon abbreviates it, is one of the first services to address anticipated demand for on-demand computing capacity at the lower end of the market.

It’s targeted at smaller web developers that don’t want to be caught unawares if their services become unexpectedly popular. The likes of Sun and HP are targeting larger organizations that have complex and resource-intensive processing tasks. Big number-crunching jobs.

Other options out there are geared toward batch-oriented computing where developers set-up their application, upload their work, use their dashboard to watch their job, and pick up their file/results when it is done, said an Amazon spokesperson.

With the current dot-com-style explosion in web startups, and the myriad new ways in which a site can be discovered by large numbers of people at once, and hit by what was once mainly known as the Slashdot effect, there could be demand for services like EC2.

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See you in 4 Years…

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