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Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)has added new features

Amazon RDS has added new features that further reduce the management burden of running highly available and reliable MySQL databases:

SSL Support – Amazon RDS now generates an SSL certificate for each DB Instance, allowing you to encrypt your DB Instance connections for enhanced security.

Reserved Database Instances – Make a one-time up-front payment for each DB Instance for which you want to make a one or three year term commitment and receive a reservation to run your DB Instance in a specific Region at a significant discount off of the ongoing hourly usage charge.

Database Engine Version Management – You now have the flexibility to maintain compatibility with specific MySQL versions, test new versions with your application before deploying in production, and perform version upgrades on your own terms and timeline.

These recent announcements complement the core Amazon RDS functionality, which enables you to easily and quickly deploy MySQL Database Instances with parameters pre-configured for reliable high performance. Amazon RDS also offers both automated backups and DB Snapshots to allow you to define your own data retention policy and perform point-in-time database restore operations. With Amazon RDS, scaling the compute or storage resources available to your database is as simple as a single API call.

Source: Amazon

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