Cloud Computing is Changing the Way Business is Done

Cloud Computing is Changing the Way Business is Done

Not too long ago hardly any one was using Google Apps for accessing and updating their documents, now it appears almost everyone uses Google docs when connected to the Internet instead of The Microsoft Office tools. Similarly some 2-3 years ago there were just a few top notch video games available on the Internet, but now users can play games without installing the software on their PC.

It’s real, Cloud Gaming is on the move!
In the near future almost everyone will be using online applications for their office and business purposes. Google, Amazon, Salesforce, IBM and Oracle are the main players in the market to offer their clients almost all types of IT infrastructure and business solutions. This concept of shared hardware and software resources among many users is the basis of cloud computing. These resources are owned and provided by vendors who charge the users on utility based methods.


The shift in Cloud computing is actually a paradigm shift from the client-server technology. Cloud computing is completely changing the way computing work is done in the business world. The major  IT giants have already prepared themselves for this inevitable shift. They have already built data centers, launched different cloud based technologies, offered PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) to businesses around the world.

Doing Corporate Functions in the Cloud

Office workers will now be able to perform routine and new activities using PaaS and SaaS. This is more efficient not only in terms of time and money, but in quality and agility as well. Corporations will not need to worry about their increasing storage demands as Cloud computing offers economic and practical pricing model. These services are low priced, scalable, agile, and have utility based billing methods.

In Search of the Best Proportion

Concerns with the reliability, security and legal issues, there will still be a need for private clouds or at least private servers. Many financial and health related companies are bound by law to keep their client’s record personal and in their own storage locations. This limitation will force such companies to use hybrid cloud – a mixture of private and  public cloud. Using hybrid clouds will let enterprises keep their confidential and desired data in their own private storage location.

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