Cloud storage lives up to the hype

Very Interesting Report By Tom Henderson and Brendan Allen, at Network World

In our continuing series of groundbreaking tests of cloud computing services, we take a look at what enterprises can expect if they decide to entrust data to a cloud storage provider. We found that cloud storage lives up to its advance billing in two key areas: cloud storage can be fast and the pay-as-you-go model can be a real cost saver. We also found that security could be an issue for enterprise shops, and the formulas for trying to predict overall costs can be complex.

Chart of cloud storage performance

The services that we tested were Amazon S3, Rackspace’s CloudFiles, Egnyte’s On Demand File Server, Nasuni Cloud Storage, and Nirvanix‘s Storage Delivery Network. Amazon, Rackspace and Nirvanix represent the containerized/object-oriented model. Egnyte embodies the file/folder metaphor, while Nasuni offers a different twist – it’s a front-end that simplifies cloud storage for enterprise customers and connects to other cloud storage vendors on the back end.

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