CRM Cloud Computing Set for Significant Growth

The talk of cloud computing is dominating the news pages, especially as more companies are jumping on board. One key focus for a number of customer-centric companies is the implementation of CRM cloud computing solutions. This growing demand will drive new spending on server hardware, boosting the industry.

According to a Server Watch report, research firm shows the continued uptake of CRM cloud computing in the enterprise as the key driver for server hardware spending. In fact, server revenue for public cloud computing is predicted to grow from $582 million to $718 million in 2014. Organizations are continuing to seek avenues for moving systems offsite, and CRM cloud computing solutions help make that possible.

Katherine Broderick, a research analyst with Enterprise Platforms and Datacenter Trends, noted that a number of IT decision makers are examining CRM cloud computing as a way to dramatically simplify their sprawling virtual and physical infrastructure. As more business processes are put online and more customer data is captured, the need for more data center space continues to grow. This presents a challenge within the physical confines of the organization.

Broderick goes on to highlight that even with the promise of CRM cloud computing, companies still have apprehension over issues such as integration, availability, security and costs. How these concerns are addressed by IT vendors will dictate the path of adoption for cloud computing solutions across the board. Interestingly, the research from IDC found that private clouds are more likely to be adopted across the board than public clouds. In fact, 44 percent of those participating in the research claimed to be considering private clouds for their CRM cloud computing initiatives. It is also assumed that public clouds will be less enterprise-focused than private clouds, making them less attractive for those companies wishing to make the move.

Overall, CRM cloud computing holds promise for the enterprise and smaller organizations, yet the move to implement such a solution is likely to be slow for some companies. Even with the promised benefits, there are still apprehensions and these obstacles must be overcome in order to completely launch a cloud computing strategy.Once apprehensions are put to rest, IT vendors then have to act as consultants for the enterprise, guiding them in the best method for CRM cloud computing implementation, adoption and ultimate end-user acceptance.

Article Credit: TMCNet
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