The Imminent Future of Cloud-based Computing

The term cloud computing is new to many people. The basic concept of cloud computing has been revealed in 1960 when John Mccarthy predicted that “computation may someday be organized as public utility”. And now after about 50 years of those words we are about to see that prediction come true.

It is estimated that by 2020 the majority of people and corporations will be using cloud computing exclusively. Cloud computing is expected to outnumber desktop computing in the next decade.

There can’t be a complete change, but there will be a hybrid system with the majority of applications being cloud based. At present, the most popular cloud based services are social network, email services and blogging services.

A recent survey comprising of a highly devoted and diverse 895 IT specialists was held.

The study was done in cooperation with Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center.

71% of the respondents agreed that by 2020 most people will be using Cloud Based Applications.
While 27% of the respondents agree with the opposite.
By 2020, most people will still be working with software applications on a PC. With a minority using cloud based applications.

Most of the stakeholders opined that cloud computing will be expanding more in the future because of its advantages and facilities like, ease of implementation, instant access to information and most notably access to information wherever and whenever they need. The increasing number of new and sophisticated software applications in the future makes cloud computing even more sought after and useful as it will be difficult to purchase and install software individually on your systems.

So whatever form cloud computing takes in the future, one thing is for certain that the change will be quicker and more pronounced then we expect.

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