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VMWorld 2010 Update By Malick

If you are not connected with the cloud, your individual mind would be a dumb terminal. Welcome to the VMWorld 2010!

VIRTUAL ROADS. ACTUAL CLOUDS: The statement ends as:  Together we’ll travel from Virtual Roads to Actual Roads. Come engage. Leave enlightened. A true global event! 85 Countries represented in the audience. 17000 Attendees! And VMware announcing their Hybrid Cloud Computing Data Center! And claiming that already 4000 VMs (Virtual Machines) are created every hour!  It is no secret that virtualization is the underlying driver of cloud computing. There is no cloud computing without virtualization! Well, one may say that virtualization is not the only enabler of cloud computing, but still, it is the key enabler. And VMWare is the pioneer in Virtualization. In the evolution of Information Technology, virtualization is a disrupting force.

Way back in 2004 itself, Gartner predicted that virtualisation will be the most disruptive technology in a decade

And this disruptive technology made cloud computing a reality. And cloud computing is promising a better IT environment today.

The Agenda so far at a Glance:

Monday, August 30, 2010: VMWare supersession.
Tuesday, August 31, 2010: In addition to VMware supersession, Cisco, EMC, NetApp, Dell supersession.
Wednesday, Sep. 1, 2010: HP, VCE, Symantec, Compellent, Novell, Intel, IBM, CSC, Wyse supersession.
Thursday, Sep.2, 2010: There is a session as The Future is closer than you think, by Pranav Mistry, Natan Linder and Tan Le.

  • Break-out Sessions, Group Discussions and Workshops.>
  • About 30 hands-on labs.
  • About 300 companies participating in Solutions Exchange.

  • On Thursday, September 2, PRANAV MISTRY, PhD student in MIT Lab, will show his work on Sixth Sense, a wearable gestural interface that brings the world of things! Here is a video link of his Sixth Sense Talk earlier in TED.

    VMWorld 2010, is truly a world class memorable event, for cloud technologists! To gain new energy from virtualization and cloud computing approach!

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