Practically Speaking about Amazon Web Services – Part 3

Practically Speaking about Amazon Web Services – Part 3

What is AMI and types of AMIs available in various regions?

Amazon Machine Image is the basic unit of computing provided by Amazon Web Services Elastic Computing Cloud EC2. As we see in Virtualization, these are virtual appliances ready to be launched as Virtual Machines. These AMIs contain an operating system software and additional software required to deliver the functionality of the AMI. There are public AMIs provided by Amazon, community provided AMIs and private Paid AMIs. Now, there are about 800 paid AMIs in the US, 300 Paid AMIs in Europe and 80 Paid AMIs in the Asia Pacific region.

We see that the Amazon Web Services market share of public cloud services will be considerable in the future. One of the main reasons is that are a lot of Paid AMIs that are going to be made available in the EC2 Service. As we can see now, AMIs from companies like Sun, IBM, Oracle are getting popular.

If we take Oracle, there are about 37 Paid AMIs available for Oracle. More than 5 are popular AMIs. They include Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Weblogic Server etc.,

Let us see a typical user case study as presented by AWS. Center for Bio-Medical Informatics (CBMI) at Harvard Medical School uses a custom AMI provided by Oracle to simulate millions of avatars for different genetics tests. Dr. Peter Tonellato of CBMI says that AWS solution is stable, robust, flexible and low cost.   Source:

Jeff Barr, AWS Evangelist told a conference in Seattle that AWS is hosting 6 to 8 of top ten Facebook games. This will mean that several millions people are playing games hosted on Amazon Web Services without even knowing that. On the lighter side, if you are a Zynga’s Farm Ville addict and experienced an occasional rare outage, do not blame Facebook entirely!

Amazon claims that its cloud services are being used in 190 countries worldwide. And some of the clients include NASA, NASDAQ, NYTimes, Netflix, Autodesk etc., Millions of customers sharing billions of photographs in the elegant SmugMug! SmugMug uses Amazon Web Services EC2 as its core infrastructure and S3 Storage for the petabytes of photos.

EC2, just fours years old and already grown up! Can’t wait to see what the next 4 years will bring!

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