Cloudcoke – successful strategic safari in the clouds

Cloudcoke – successful strategic safari in the clouds

The cloud hype is long gone. History. (European) reality is that most businesses and governments are starting to realize that the phenomenon holds a lot of substance in this post-hype phase. The new awakening is driving the demand for strategic advisory and help to facilitate the strategy formulations. Many organizations experience tough times trying to understand the business models and drivers behind the SPI acronym. But there is one single most important wave breaker: The understanding of the necessary components that forms a good SLA and a perfect services agreement.

During the coming weeks I will contribute with thoughtworks and mindware on effective cloud strategies that are aligned with strategic business development goals: Creating competitive advantage. In my whole coverage I will be open-minded and not only paint a palette of possibilities. Whenever I find inconsistencies you will surely be notified. The series of strategic thoughts will all relate to my initial sketch, one way or another.

Sketch #1. Driving for competitive advantage.

A lot of the work is tested on a European audience, some of the thoughts and models are going to be presented here for the first time.  This is the reason I am naming my first article ”Cloudcoke”. My ambition is to give you some sweet models that will leave a long lasting sweet taste in your mouth. I am thrilled over the opportunity to contribute to and look forward to constructive dialogue with all our readers.

Next week I will focus on the discovery, formulation and implementation planning phase and the roles required for success…

By Predrag Mitrovic

Predrag is also the Chief Inspiration Officer and owner of


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