Top 5 Cloud Computing Service Platforms For Call Centers

Top 5 Cloud Computing Service Platforms For Call Centers


LiveOps is a technology company offering two innovative solutions for enterprises: Contact Center in the Cloud, a SaaS technology platform for managing contact centers, and Workforce in the Cloud, an on-demand workforce for outsourcing call center calls.

LiveOps On-Demand Contact Center Platform enables enterprises to deploy an always-on and scalable contact center infrastructure in a pay-per-use model that enables customers to achieve greater operational and cost efficiencies.  LiveOps provides enterprises with the on-demand call center platform and community of on-demand independent agents to quickly achieve better business results.


Voxeo helps enterprises improve service and lower costs by automating and connecting their most common phone calls with our Interactive IVRVoice Response (IVR) or Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions. Voxeo has invested over $50 million in infrastructure, technology, and programs to deliver versatile, standards-based platforms andhosting solutions for IVR and VoIP telephone applications.  Voxeo has operations in the USA and Europe, delivering hosted and customer premise voice platforms world-wide from both locations.


The inContact platform combines call routing, workforce optimization and network connectivity solutions with a powerful workflow between the subsystems, making it a very powerful tool for BPOs. Additionally, the platform boasts enterprise-class security, reliability, availability and the industry’s best uptime guarantee of 99.99%. Unlike premise-based solutions, the inContact platform enables BPOs to scale up and down as their business dictates, making it a perfect technology match for their dynamic business model.


Call center developers and IT professionals can use Five9 Cloud APIs to integrate with home-grown CRM applications, create custom agent desktops, use integration frameworks to create unified agent desktops, retrieve data from external systems for call routing, and more. Since the Five9 call center APIs are web services, they are available to be used by the widest possible range of cloud computing and premise-based applications, and developers using the Five9 APIs can create code in their preferred development environment.


CallFire allows SMBs and developers to build interactive phone systems. Users can create toll free hot-lines, send notification & emergency response phone calls, and even setup cloud call centers with agents located anywhere in the world. CallFire’s text-to-speech engine lets you create database-driven appointment reminders, toll-free information hotlines & outbound power-dialing campaigns.

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