AWS Start-Up Challenge 2010 Regional Semi-Finalists

AWS Start-Up Challenge 2010 Regional Semi-Finalists

Here is a partial list of semi-finalists for the AWS Start-Up Challange.

From the group of semi-finalists, seven finalists will be inivited to Silicon Valley for the finale on December 8th where they will compete for the grand prize of $50,000 in cash.  Full Source of this information is from the AWS Blog

LabSlice – Australia LabSlice allows you to create demos, evaluations and training environments that are stored in the cloud and can be easily shared. We extend the Amazon EC2 cloud to create a self-service and policy controlled lab, where you can share a machine simply by sending an email. Get started with a free trial.

Cinemacraft – Japan Cinemacraft service enables every Mobile device to be transformed into a IPTV.  Our patented compression and format (Prime Streaming Format) combined with our decoder  can be used to stream live and Video on Demand to any mobile device on any network.  Our service can stream  over 2.5G (30 – 60 kpbs), 3G (100 – 250 kbps), 4G (300 – 500 kbps) & Wi-Fi (400 – 1000 kpbs). We currently support over 70 unique GPRS mobile devices (Asia & Emerging markets) & over 200 unique 3G mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows and Blackberry devices.  We provide end to end solution for telecoms  & Content holders to deploy Mobile TV.

Dialify – India Dialify develops audio games & applications for delivery over all telephony networks making our games ubiquitously available. We believe core voice networks are a powerful medium, capable of delivering complex interactions, data exchange & engaging user experiences. Our products feature – immersive sound stages, interactive gameplay, PvP/PvS & Multi-player interaction models and social engagement – over simple voice calls.

Cierzo Development/SMMART – Spain SMMART (social media marketing analysis and reporting tool) is positioned in Spain in the field of corporate social reputation, measuring effectiveness of marketing campaigns, detection of new trends, monitoring of competition in the Internet and is being perceived as an excellent tool used by major companies in the country among which are telecom operators, banks, business schools, handset manufacturers, game makers, political parties, associations, etc. SMMART is evolving into a new concept which we called “Open Social CRM,” which combines concepts in monitoring tools, CRM tools,  social tools, and a philosophy of open innovation.

CompassLabs – United States Compass Labs has a team of talented, accomplished individuals with strong expertise in Web and social media technologies, natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, and – not surprisingly – complex algorithms. Compass Labs is propelling a paradigm shift in people’s online experiences. To support our groundbreaking efforts, we have created an equally innovative organizational structure: flat, non-hierarchical, and designed for optimal collaboration.

Read all the semi finalists at the AWS Blog

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