Business Cloud Summit 2010 Conference Agenda

Business Cloud Summit 2010 Conference Agenda

Public sector

With the UK enduring a period of cut backs and tightened public sector budgets, Cloud Computing promises to transform the way public services are delivered to and accessed by citizens. The government remains committed to the establishment of Digital Britain to improve national competitiveness, while the implementation of a G-Cloud (or G-Clouds) will change forever the way public sector organisations roll out ICT programmes. But what is the Cloud agenda at the heart of government? And what are its prospects for success?

  • 09:30 Chairman’s Welcome: Dr Katy Ring, Principal Analyst, K2 Advisory
  • 09:40 Journey to the Cloud: public sector service delivery after the Comprehensive Spending Review
    The Comprehensive Spending Review in October means big cutbacks in public sector spending, but the delivery of essential public services has to continue. In this opening plenary session, a group of expert commentators discuss current and new models for service delivery and ask whether all public sector roads necessarily lead to the Cloud or whether traditional delivery models such as outsourcing will prevail.
    Moderator: Gary Flood,
    Dr Richard Sykes, Independent Advisor and Member G-Cloud & Apps Store Commercial Work Stream
    Andy Burton, Chairman, Cloud Industry Forum
    Dr Katy Ring, Principal Analyst, K2 Advisory
    Chris Middleton, Professional Outsourcing
  • 10:10 Industry Presentation
    Gary Roberts, Executive VP EMEA, Pitney Bowes Business Insight
  • 10:30 Central Government – Whitehall in the Clouds
    ICT faces the same need to cut costs as other areas of the public sector. The lower costs associated with Cloud Computing makes the Cloud model an attractive alternative to traditional on premise ICT projects. This set of sessions looks at the impact that Cloud Computing has made on central government departments and the efficiency gains that have been made as a result.
    Ian Osborne, Director, Digital Systems Knowledge Transfer Network, Intellect UK
    Mark O’Neill, Chief Information Officer, Department for Culture, Media and Sport
    Dr Richard Sykes, Independent Advisor
  • 11:05 Coffee Break
  • 11:35 Local Government – A localised Cloud front
    Local government is the area of the public sector with which citizens interact most frequently and most personally. Whether it’s information about local amenities or paying council tax or just trying to get someone to come and pick up that abandoned sofa on the corner of the street, local residents use ICT systems to access public services most directly in local government. This set of sessions examines some local government success stories that have transformed the way citizens interact with local authorities.
    Mark Briggs, CIO, Essex County Council
    David Wilde, CIO, Westminster City Council
    Geoff Connell, Divisional Director ICT (Acting), ICT Resources, London Borough of Newham
  • 12:20 A Standard Cloud
  • The best thing about having a standard is that there are so many to choose from, say cynics. This panel session looks at the efforts to create standards for the Cloud Computing industry from the perspective of three leading organisations.
    Andy Burton, Chairman, Cloud Industry Forum
    David Terrar, Chairman, Intellect SaaS Group and EuroCloud
    Matt Holmes, Chair of the Cloud Computing SIG, BASDA

  • Platinum Cloud
    Expert Presentation
    Mark Ferrar, National Technology Officer, Microsoft UK
  • 13:00 Lunch and Networking
  • 14:00 Health – A Cloudy Health Check
    Health is one of the most pressing requirements of any government – and one of the most resource hungry. In times of public sector funding cuts, Cloud Computing offers a more cost-effective approach to ICT deployment in the health sector, enabling valuable resources to be allocated to front-line activities. This set of sessions looks at some pioneering examples of Cloud Computing in practice.
    John Cruickshank, Consultant Director, 2020 Health Org
    Dr. Christoph Thuemmler, Director of the Institute of Applied Ehealth, Edinburgh Napier University
    Graham Sadd, Chairman & CEO, Paoga
  • 14:35 Education panel
    With the education sector no more immune from the austerity age cutbacks than any other, Cloud Computing can offer a lower cost alternative to traditional ICT, but it also offers educational establishments a far greater ‘reach’ out to students than most on premise technologies. This session looks at the potential for Cloud Computing to transform the education sector.
    Matthew Horine, Head of IT, Teach First
    Dr Paul Calleja, Cambridge University
    Hugh Lavery, Director of Information, Media and Technology Services, Leeds Metropolitan University
  • 15:10 Third Sector – Charitably Cloudy
    ICT is a powerful enabler for third sector organisations to expand their reach and boost the services they can offer, but is also resource hungry. In organisations where every penny spent on ICT is a penny that doesn’t go to good causes, Cloud Computing is an attractive alternative to make sure that as much money as possible can be given to those in need, not those in ICT. We hear from a number of third sector organisations which have made good use of Cloud Computing to achieve this end.
    Richard Atterton, Chief Operating Officer, Compassion UK
    Peter Bradley, Operations Manager, RNLI
    David Sims, Technical Services Manager, VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas)
    Eliot Martin, Technical Director, AbilityNet
    Martyn Croft, CIO, Salvation Army
  • 15:45 Coffee Break
  • 16:10 Cloud Computing in Large Enterprises
    If you think that Cloud Computing isn’t enterprise-ready then you haven’t heard what’s happening at Siemens. The German electronics giant is 18 months into what most observers agree is one of the world’s largest Cloud applications commitments. Come and hear from Siemens’ Jürgen Strahwald about how the firm is managing the Cloud as both an IT tool and a business opportunity.
    Jürgen Strahwald, Vice President Corporate Information Technology Governance, Siemens
  • 16:40 The Cloud Titans
    Three Cloud Computing industry thought leaders offer their expert views on the Cloud Computing industry, the events of today’s conference and provide some thoughts for our delegates to take away and consider over the next twelve months.
    Greg Gianforte, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, RightNow
    Zach Nelson, CEO, Netsuite
  • 17:25 Closing Remarks
  • 17:30 Networking drinks

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