VaraLogix Launches North American Operations

Announces VaraLogix Q – Revolutionizing Enterprise Application Delivery for JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache and Oracle

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — VaraLogix®, the emerging leader of Enterprise Application Delivery solutions, today launched their North American Operations and announced VaraLogix Q for JBoss®, WebSphere®, WebLogic, Apache and Oracle.  VaraLogix Q is an automation framework built from the ground up for Enterprise Application Delivery – reducing cycle times as much as 80%.  With VaraLogix patent-pending technology you can easily map your existing business processes into the Q framework in as little as three days.  The founders and key employees of Build Forge, the industry’s leading Build Automation solution acquired by IBM, have reunited to develop and market VaraLogix Q.  Q is available today and can be installed on-premise with support for private/public cloud computing.

“Enterprise application delivery is a critical issue facing enterprise IT organizations.  IT needs a well designed approach to delivering complex applications no matter what delivery model they apply. This is the approach that VaraLogix is taking to the market,” said Judith Hurwitz, president and chief executive officer of Hurwitz & Associates, Inc., a strategy consulting and research firm focused on distributed computing technologies.

Q provides a Web-based management console, and includes pre-flight delivery reporting for visual representation of the application delivery lifecycle. With Q, complete development and application components – including WAR’s, EAR’s, libraries, ancillary resources, banners, application code, schema changes, images and static content – are grouped into one manageable asset and delivered as a whole.  If needed, Q provides automatic rollback of this complete asset. Unlike deployment solutions, Q is completely open and provides Target Environment Modeling allowing you to combine application servers into logical groups, easily create promotion models and automatically re-purpose environments for Agile Development and Cloud Computing.

“VaraLogix Q enables the complete implementation of your web application release plan from the time development hands it off until the time your customers click ‘Add to Cart’.  No other company or product does this,” said Robin Fuller, VaraLogix Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer.

VaraLogix Q Bridge technology provides easy integration to platforms and tools including JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache, GlassFish, ClearCase, Build Forge, Perforce, Subversion, Oracle, MySql, MS SQL and many more.  With Q, IT Operations, Development, QA, and Production teams have the ability to seamlessly automate real and virtual environments as part of a standardized, repeatable and auditable way to execute Enterprise Application Delivery.

“The complexity and frequency of both traditional and web application releases is only being compounded by the adoption of virtualization, cloud computing and the ever-increasing volume of online transactions,” said Tim Wall, VaraLogix Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. “We’re providing the first proven solution for Enterprise Application Delivery that addresses all of these issues.”

About VaraLogix

VaraLogix is revolutionizing Enterprise Application Delivery with their flagship product named Q for JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache and Oracle.  Q is the industry’s only application delivery solution built from the ground up to manage all enterprise applications after the build.

VaraLogix Q takes you beyond Eclipse and the developers desktop to reduce application delivery cycle times by as much as 80%.   Q breaks down environmental silos between development, QA, staging and production.   With an easy-to-use Web-based management console, Q improves and accelerates the application delivery process, reduces costs and eliminates errors. Additionally, Q provides Target Environment Modeling allowing you to combine different application servers into logical groups to accelerate application delivery. Q can be implemented on premise with support with support for private/public cloud.

VaraLogix is led by the same experienced team who founded Build Forge, acquired by IBM.  This team has spent decades addressing automation, configuration, build,  and release management issues at  global 2000 companies and government agencies such as Apple, State Farm, AllState, Wells Fargo, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Veterans Administration, Lockheed Martin and many others.  VaraLogix is privately-held with headquarters in Austin, Texas.  For more information, visit

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