Fujitsu set to invest $1.2 billion-plus on cloud computing in 2011

Fujitsu set to invest $1.2 billion-plus on cloud computing in 2011

By Sourya Biswas of CloudTweaks

Cloud computing circles are abuzz with the news that Fujitsu is set to invest a whopping $1.2 billion in this emerging technology next year. Such a large investment certainly augurs well for this new field of computing science.

For those of you who are unaware of Fujitsu’s influence and legacy in the world of technology, a short introduction is in order. Fujitsu is  giant IT, telecommunications and electronics conglomerate, with a presence in more than 70 countries and a global workforce exceeding 185,000. In fact, it is the third largest IT services provider in the world, ranking right after IBM and HP.

Fujitsu’s original slogan of “The possibilities are infinite” ties in very well with the possibilities of cloud computing. Investing in this emerging technology is nothing new for Fujitsu. Recognizing the immense potential of cloud computing a little late, Fujitsu has taken steps that has already made it one of the big players in this field.  

Last year, Fujitsu had poured in billions in cloud computing. As per the latest numbers, projected through March 2011, the investments would total roughly 100 billion yen ($1.21 billion) for the current fiscal year. As per latest corporate news, this is expected to rise next fiscal year. It is to be noted that unlike in the United States, the fiscal year does not coincide with the calendar year but is calculated from April to March of the following year.

“We’d like to allot much of our investment to the cloud computing-related business in fiscal 2011 and later,” President Masmi Yamamoto said on Friday 24 December. “We were able to make a substantial start in 2010 as the first year of cloud computing.” 

With Oracle entering the cloud computing race, Dell making a major acquisition in this space, Google developing an online operating system, IBM being commissioned to develop a private cloud for NATO operations, and now, Fujitsu announcing increased investments in this technology, it is clear that the big companies see a lot of potential in cloud computing.  

Cloud computing may be just more than a year old, but it seems to be poised for the big leap forward, backed by billions of dollars from the IT heavies. 2011 promises to be a very exciting year for cloud computing enthusiasts. May their tribe increase!


Sourya Biswas is a former risk analyst who has worked with several financial organizations of international repute, besides being a freelance journalist with several articles published online. After 6 years of work, he has decided to pursue further studies at the University of Notre Dame, where he has completed his MBA. He holds a Bachelors in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Information Technology. He is also a member of high-IQ organizations Mensa and Triple Nine Society and has been a prolific writer to CloudTweaks over the years...

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