GridGain Systems’ Cloud Application Platform Advances into Japan & China via Strategic Alliance with Fitech Laboratories

GridGain Systems’ Cloud Application Platform

San Francisco, CA (December 9, 2010)– Cloud application platform developer GridGain Systems, Inc. today announced a multi-year strategic alliance with system integrator Fitech Laboratories that will extend GridGain’s distribution to customers in Japan and China. Fitech Laboratories has the exclusive rights to resell GridGain’s flagship software product in those two markets and will also provide necessary support, professional services and training to customers through regional partners as well as its group companies, FitechLabs K.K. in Tokyo and Fitech (Beijing) Software Ltd in Beijing.

GridGain’s innovative Cloud Application Platform facilitates the development of highly scalable distributed applications that work natively on any managed infrastructure – from an Android-device to a large grid and cloud environment. GridGain’s platform is the first to deliver all three key technologies in an integrated product that natively supports Java and Scala programming languages:

  • Computational Grids for MapReduce-style processing
  • Data Grids for distributed in-memory data caching
  • Auto-Scaling with Zero Deployment for unprecedented development productivity in managed environments like clouds and grids

“It is absolutely essential to partner with a locally proven system integrator when entering Asian markets. Western companies can rarely, if ever, do it alone due to cultural and business differences,” said Nikita Ivanov, CEO of GridGain Systems. “Fitech is not only one of Japan’s top Java-based system integrators for mission-critical financial systems, but also comfortable with the range of technologies involved in a product like GridGain. From compute grids and data grids to cloud auto-scaling, zero provisioning and deployment, and Java and Scala programming languages, Fitech has extensive expertise that will serve both us and our customers well.”

Added Toshiyuki Matsushima, founder and CEO of Fitech Laboratories:

“Our high-performance online trading products for financial institutions take full advantage of advanced distributed computing technology. GridGain’s product for commercial cloud infrastructures requires many of the same skill sets, so we will be leveraging our years of experience to support GridGain projects for cutting-edge high-performance distributed systems.”

About GridGain Systems

GridGain Systems offers open source Cloud Application Platform that facilitates the development of highly scalable applications that work natively on any managed infrastructure – from a single Android device to large grids and clouds. GridGain software supports all major operating systems and provides native support for Java and Scala programming languages. Today GridGain software starts every 20 seconds around the globe is the fastest-growing Java-based product in its class, with tens of thousands of downloads and hundreds of deployments worldwide.

Contact information:

About Fitech Laboratories

Fitech Laboratories, Inc. is the leading provider of high-performance on-line branding framework and middleware platform, and related services. By combining open standards, component development expertise and the patented cutting edge technologies, Fitech Laboratories, Inc. enables mid-to-large financial institutions to drastically reduce development time and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while benefiting from a highly extensible, fast and reliable.

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