India – the next virtualization giant?

India – the next virtualization giant?

The recent growth of virtualization in the Asia-Pacific region cannot be overlooked. Statistics
show that 75% of end-users want to switch to cloud computing services within the next year.
This percentage is the highest compared to other countries of the region (even surpasses
Singapore and Malaysia). The survey was conducted by VMware. China and India lead the
region with their future cloud adoption plans with majority of its organizations ready for
the smooth transformation and implementation of cloud computing solutions. 60% of the
organizations are either planning or have implemented, cloud computing solutions. Greatest
adoption is likely from the ITES/IT manufacturing and infrastructure sectors.

The survey conducted by VMware also showed an upward trend in India’s understanding of
cloud computing and virtualization. Indian audience recognizes the importance of capacity on
demand, pay per use model and automated management. IT as a service is one theme everyone
is trying to follow. While some are trying to provide services, others are willing to buy them
to perk up their businesses. 60% of the organizations in India who are involved in IT related
activities are willing to adopt the cloud infrastructure for scalability on demand as it provides
essential benefits such as reduced hardware infrastructure and simplified IT solutions. Cost
saving is one of the immediate advantages that is attracting people to the concept of the cloud.
With most of the hardware being imported from other parts of the world, this cost-cut can
improve profit margins of most IT service providers. Companies willing to employ private and
public clouds represent 40% of the total while 37% encourage deployment of private cloud only.
Government and banking sectors are opting for private clouds for improved security.

As indicated by the survey, 38% of the companies are willing to deploy both public and private
clouds. The demand for cloud storage is increasing day by day. With expanding databases and a
information exchange frenzy, IT organizations are hungry for data storage solutions which can
be efficiently provided by virtual data centers. This makes India a hotspot for cloud computing
advancements; a place where advantages can be achieved by this new approach to end-user
computing. This new idea separates the two entities of operating system, applications and the
user itself, providing flexibility, mobility to users who need it the most. The focus on Virtual
Desktop is surprisingly high with statistics indicating 70%, which is higher than both Japan and
China. The good news is that cloud computing giants are not debarred from these facts and they
are planning ahead of themselves, targeting countries like India; as Andrew Dutton, GM, VMware

(Asia Pacific Japan), said:

“It is clear that industry has great interest in the hybrid cloud model. The ability
for enterprises to obtain a common cloud infrastructure platform, as well as a common management
model and application services that bridge private and public clouds to deliver interoperable clouds
allowing data and application portability, will be critical.”

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