Nimbula Director – Highlights of the Beta Version

Nimbula Director – Highlights of the Beta Version

Public Beta announced for Nimbula Director

When it comes to cloud management and service system Nimbula is a well-recognized name in the field. While most of the IT world is snoozing off to the upcoming holiday season, Nimbula has released its Nimbula Director Beta version in the true spirit of Christmas! The software is an effective cloud management tool which targets most enterprise customers.

Nimbula Director brings services similar to Amazon EC-2 like services to its users but with tighter security. The makers of the software have successfully combined the important ingredients of scalability, flexibility, security and have come up with a product that simplifies movement of computing resources and applications into the cloud. This cloud operating system is developed by a team that has many heavy weights like Chris Pinkham and Williem van Biljon, the pioneers of Amazon EC2 services.

The Beta version was announced on the 8th of December, at Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, with an official statement that “Nimbula Director is based on Nimbula’s Cloud Operating System technology; Nimbula Director delivers Amazon EC2-like services behind the firewall.”

The highlights of this Beta version include:

-> Scaling and migration of existing applications into the cloud.

-> The ability to launch multi-platform network with flexible features.

-> Providing efficient storage, load balancing on the network for maximum utilization of available resources.

-> Support for Xen and KVM hypervisors.

-> The ability to move data applications between Amazon EC-2 and data centres, hence, integrating different clouds.

-> The ability to launch hybrid clouds that include private and public clouds.

Automation is the key feature of the Nimbula Director. With growing number of resources allocated and available on the cloud, manual tasking ccan be too time-consuming. Director provides intelligent administration by virtue of which administration overheads are kept to a minimum. Infrastructure management has been automated in this OS by introducing features like self-organizing and self-healing. Another feature of the Director is dynamic management of workload. Nimbula Director can load unload apps by instantly terminating and launching new application instances. This intelligent system allows the best possible utilization of allocated resources based on user defined configuration. These configurations will be related to amount of RAM required by a particular case and parameters involving different number of CPUs available. As a result, under-utilized data centers can be transformed into efficient service providers.

With such versatility and flexibility, security is one feature that comes into question. Policy based authorization is a feature of the Director that enables administrators to grant appropriate levels of access to resources and objects. Each and every feature is included and listed as an array of check boxes that the administrator can check or uncheck.

With the combination of all these features, the outlook of Nimbula Director looks promising. Currently, the software can be downloaded free of charge from the Nimbula website however general availability of the software will commence from January 2011.


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