Panda Cloud Antivirus – Promising Cloud Security Tool

Panda Cloud Antivirus Version 1.3

There has been an exponential growth in new viruses and malicious software that are appearing everyday on
different IT platforms. Curbing this problem hasn’t been easy; it’s more like a game of cat and mouse. Newer threats and malware is created everyday and as a counter-measure, newer updates and patches of different anti-virus software are available. Keeping a large database free of malware requires an antivirus that provides the required level of protection without compromising the computational speed of the cloud; Panda Cloud Antivirus is one software that has the capability to do that.

“Panda Cloud Antivirus is the best free antivirus software available… the next evolution of anti-malware technology”.

Editors’ Choice “Best Free Antivirus” November 2009 & June 2010, PC Magazine USA.

Over a year ago, the utility took the market with a storm when it became the first free cloud-based utility in the
category of Antivirus. Panda Cloud’s strong competitors (AVG, Avast, Avira) couldn’t keep up the rivalry when the
1.0 version of Panda Cloud got the Editor’s choice for Best Free Antivirus. The simplistic view of the application
was one of the striking features of the software. Unlike most Antivirus software where you find an endless display
of complicated buttons,

Some of the new Features for Version 1.3

  • Malicious Web & URL Filtering.
  • Unified Recycle Bin and Quarantine.
  • Automatic and transparent upgrades to new product versions

Behavior based detection is also one of the features which allows instant identification of online threats. The scanning speed and efficiency of the software is also impressive. The utility identifies around 90% of the Malware and the scan times are also on the lower side. The progress bar is quite interactive and shows the threats that are being neutralized by the utility.

After the scan a detailed report is generated that lists the number of threats identified and the consequent action
taken. A step by step guide is also available which advices the user which action to take.

A professional version of the application has also been created which also includes features like USB auto vaccine and a deep analysis of running processes which justifies the price of this application. This way, Windows auto run is disabled and execution of potentially unwanted software is restricted. If an unwanted file execution is detected, it can be countered within seconds (at most, 30 seconds). The advanced settings panel included in this version beefs up the security and Malware detection by adding more features to the software. The newer version of Panda Cloud requires a little more processing power to operate than its preceding version.

Apart from the price tag it carries, this Antivirus earns a good repute. The free edition isn’t any less impressive than the paid edition but overall the software is highly recommended for all type of users regardless of the fact that you are a beginner or a network administrator.

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