Cloud Computing Deal between Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom and Inventec

Cloud Computing Deal between Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom and Inventec

Every day brings with it news of yet another deal in the cloud computing space. The latest such development occurred in Taiwan just before the end of the last year when Taiwan-based companies Chunghwa Telecom and Inventec signed a one-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to co-develop and promote cloud computing services.

Chunghwa Telecom is the largest telecommunication service provider in Taiwan and a leading provider of cloud computing services, while Inventec is the largest server manufacturer in the country and one of the top four notebook manufacturers in the world.

The two companies will cooperate on four cloud computing projects, including establishing a cloud computing equipment laboratory, developing cloud computing equipment for the end-user market such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) on Inventec servers, and setting up an online store offering content applications.

The deal will connect Inventec’s cloud-computing R&D center in Taoyuan County to Chunghwa Telecom’s cloud computing test platform installed in a telecom laboratory nearby. A possible joint venture is a distinct possibility in the near future, though nothing has been put on record yet.

Additionally, they will join forces in working with China’s Skycloud Technology Inc. on integrated solutions for China’s cloud computing market, which is estimated at $33 billion over the next five years. Chunghwa had signed a deal with Skycloud on 16 December, just a fortnight before its deal with Inventec.

The aforementioned cloud computing laboratory will offer tests on chips, laptops, tablet PCs, thermal dissipaters, servers, storage devices, infrastructure equipment and added-value services. The laboratory will be open to local and overseas manufacturers and will also provide certification services.

The aforementioned online store is reportedly inspired by the phenomenal success of the iconic Apple Store. The store is expected to help software developers in the cloud computing space find customers for their products.

By Sourya Biswas of CloudTweaks


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