GridGain Marks Record Usage in December

160,000 Starts of New GridGain 3.0 Cloud Application Platform Signal Rapid Growth, Positive Economic Recovery

San Francisco (January 28th, 2011)—In perhaps another positive sign that the economy may be on the road to recovery, GridGain Systems, a leading open-source cloud application platform, announced today the company set a new record for highest usage in its history with more than 160,000 starts of its new GridGain 3.0 software in the month of December 2010.

The milestone far exceeds the company’s previous average starts per month of approximately 100,000 and represents an average of one start of the software every 15 seconds.

GridGain founder and CEO Nikita Ivanov says the company has recorded its software starts since launching the platform in 2007: each time a user launches GridGain, the software pings the update server, creating an event log that allows the company to track usage stats on an ongoing basis. In fact, Ivanov says the 160,000 starts is actually a rather conservative count, representing only those systems unprotected by a firewall. The system is currently unable to capture details when the software is launched on computers behind a firewall, of which Ivanov estimates at least 30%.

“We’ve seen a steadily increasing trend in the number of new users and new starts of our software over the past few months, which we attribute to several factors,” Ivanov said. “The economy is starting to clamor back, at least from a business-spending perspective, cloud computing is a hot growth area in IT, and our latest release of GridGain 3.0 rounded out our product to provide a more complete feature set that has been very attractive in the marketplace.”

The company’s October 2010 launch of GridGain 3.0 broke new ground in the cloud application space by combining state-of-the art compute grid and data grid technology in one, integrated product, supported by an exclusive, patent-pending zero deployment/zero provisioning technology to radically simplify auto-scaling on any managed infrastructure.

The addition of data grid technology not only doubled the size and capability of our product, but from a product philosophy standpoint, we have finally arrived at what we’ve envisioned from the very beginning,” Ivanov said. “I’m confident our ability to deliver this well-rounded solution has made us the only provider in this space to post such landmark usage stats.

GridGain 3.0 is available in both open source community and commercial enterprise editions, supports all major operating systems and requires Java 6 and Scala 2.8 or later. GridGain Systems provides a full spectrum of services for GridGain software including training, support and consulting.

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About GridGain Systems
GridGain Systems develops open source Cloud Application Platforms that facilitate the development of highly scalable applications that work natively on any managed infrastructure – from a single Android device to a large grids and clouds. GridGain software supports all major operating systems and provides native support for Java and Scala programming languages. Today GridGain software starts every 15 seconds around the globe and has become the fastest-growing Java-based Cloud Application Platform with tens of thousands of downloads and hundreds of deployments around the globe. Founded in 2005, GridGain is headquartered in Pleasanton, Calif.

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