Lower Amazon Prices – Cloud Support Package Breakdown

Lower Amazon Prices – Cloud Support Package Breakdown

By CloudTweaks

On January 6th 2011, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced some good news for users of the existing Premium Support offerings with a 50% usage pricing reduction. They have also added two new support plans; Bronze and Platinum to their existing Silver and Gold Premium Support offerings.

Bronze Premium Support is a low-priced option aimed at developers or small businesses with non-critical systems running on AWS and is currently priced at $49 a month. With the guarantee of a response time within 12 hours during local business hours, this will be welcomed by the smaller developer and should help to increase the number of offerings available on the platform. Small businesses may also be more tempted to consider hosting applications and be happy with this level of support.

For the greater of $100 or 5% of your AWS usage charges per month, Silver Premium Support cuts the response time down to four hours and allows an additional named contact. This service still only operates on local business hours, but would be more useful for a larger business or a non-critical system that can carry an element of downtime.

Gold Premium Support reduces the response time down to one hour and increases the hours that the service operates to 24×7. There is now a maximum of three named contacts and dedicated one-on-one telephone support. This will cost you the greater of $400 or between 5% and 10% of your monthly AWS usage depending on your level of use. This is aimed squarely at larger business and mission-critical applications that need the comfort of rapid response to any problem.

The new Platinum Premium Support offering builds on the levels of service previously offered by Gold, and includes guaranteed 15 minute response time 24×7. In addition to one-on-one phone support, you get direct access to your technical account manager and “white-glove” case handling, where your support calls are routed directly to specially trained engineers for a prompt resolution. There is also “management business reviews”, where your technical account manager helps with infrastructure planning. This level of service comes at a price, which is the greater of $15,000 or 10% of your monthly AWS usage charge, per month. Platinum Support is aimed at very large organizations and important mission-critical systems that need to meet very high levels of availability.

These new prices and support plans will be good news for anyone who is an existing customer of, or thinking of using, Amazon Web Services. The Bronze level is ideal for the smaller developer who is just testing the waters with AWS and the faster response times and extra services of Platinum could make a big difference to a mission critical or large user of AWS.

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