Top 25 European Cloud Computing Rising Stars: CohesiveFT

Top 25 European Cloud Computing Rising Stars: CohesiveFT

Cohesive Flexible Technologies, or CohesiveFT, can be depicted as more than a European cloud-based rising star. The London-headquartered start-up has offices in Chicago and Palo Alto and in the past three years has attracted the interest of journalists and analysts alike. Craig Heimark, Alexis Richardson, and Dwight Koop founded the company in 2006 with the idea to provide on-boarding solutions for virtual infrastructure and Cloud Computing.

The company’s primary products are Elastic Server, VPN-Cubed and Context-Cubed – Private Beta. Elastic Server is a Virtual Server Life Cycle Management (VSLM) framework intended for management of virtual machines while the platform supports all major virtual environments. It allows assembling, testing, and deploying custom stacks and servers featuring various guest operation systems, virtualization format, and cloud platform. The platform allows deployment of open source, third-party or proprietary software components from multiple vendors.

Elastic Servers are offered as Trial Edition, Base Edition, Modular Edition, and Elastic Server Multiple Edition, which is intended for use by multiple enterprise business units. The company offers also a web based version of the product called Elastic Server On-Demand Home.

VPN-Cubed is a cloud networking control and security product, which is the core module of the company’s Secure Cloud Container Solutions. The so called VPN-Cubed Managers are a kind of hybrid devices, which can perform the tasks of virtual routers, virtual switches, SSL VPN concentrators, IPSec VPN concentrators, and protocol re-distributors that are configurable in a mesh. The VPN-Cubed Managers provide secure access to a corporate data center for key business computing topologies. They can be integrated with existing edge and DMZ equipment such as IPSec extranet boxes, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection and stateful inspection.

Context-Cubed – Private Beta is a cloud topology server for managing Boot-Time commands that launch virtual servers and for controlling running vm’s in an overlay network. CohesiveFT’s solution provides enterprise-grade virtualization and cloud products through their Cloud Container process. It takes into account the relevant aspects of customers’ physical infrastructure, and creates a Cloud Container Solution allowing the fast on-demand deployment of the cluster topology in cloud environments. The Cloud Container mirrors production environments of the customers, providing fast recovery into the cloud. Their solution also provides a cryptographically secure and privately controlled environment in the cloud data center, featuring real-time replications of production infrastructure.

Cloud Containers are extremely scalable while enabling easy migration to cloud data centers even for older applications and operating systems. The company boasts that every software can be virtualized to run in the cloud.

Providing innovative cloud-based solutions, CohesiveFT grabbed the attention of private venture capital investors like Murray Family Investments LP, Chess Venture Ltd., OCA Ventures, Clay Struve, and Nauiokas Park.

Following its flying start, CohesiveFT managed to become a partner with leading providers of cloud-based solutions and services like Amazon, ElasticHosts, Eucalyptus Systems, Flexiscale, GigaSpaces, GoGrid, IBM, Rackspace, and Skytap. Other partners include Citrix Systems, Vmware, Canonical, MuleSource, RightScale, and others.

Actually, CohesiveFT is among the fastest developing and most innovative Cloud Computing companies in Europe. They were among the first to realize the great potential of cloud technologies and its overall ideology and now benefit from their pioneering spirit and courage. The company can be depicted as one of the Top 100 cloud companies in the world, according to various industry sources, although it lacks the financial power of well established companies with decades-long history. Nevertheless, CohesiveFT could create real sensation among investor if its founders decide to place an IPO on the floor of a leading stock exchange.

By Kiril Kirilov

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