EPA Firmly Backs Cloud Computing at the Mobile World Congress

EPA Firmly Backs Cloud Computing at the Mobile World Congress

Cloud computing
emerged as an important discussion topic at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the European Privacy Association (EPA) issued a statement highlighting all the benefits of cloud technologies. EPA presented its campaign to encourage companies to invest in a cloud that respects privacy and to make cloud services more privacy compliant. The organization also pointed at the fact that European companies are lagging behind U.S. enterprises in terms of investment in cloud-based technologies and platforms.

The European Union is developing a cloud strategy, according to Commissioner Neelie Kroes, who also said that Europe’s economy will depend on the cloud in the years to come. A “cloud friendly” European economy is not enough, he said, adding that a “cloud active” Europe would help create opportunities for telecom companies and small- and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. Consumers will only benefit from better services and value offered by the cloud, and cloud-based businesses can lead the way to a new economic path in which “we can expect productivity gains across Europe´s economy as a whole,” according to Kroes.

The EPA statement is citing a recent report released by the Center for Economics and Business Research, which revealed that the five biggest economies in the European Union could jointly save more than GBP 600 billion over the next five years by switching some of their services to the cloud. In addition, cloud-based business can create about 2.4 million jobs, the statement reads.

Data can be secured better in the cloud due to a shift from thousands of individual businesses to service providers who would be better-equipped to handle cyber security threats, EPA said.

More investments in secure networks are needed while EPA claims that cloud computing can be a win-win policy for businesses and consumers alike. At the same time, the organization believes that cloud computing is moving the entire world in the direction of a safer and more secure Internet although more security measures should be implemented to achieve safer and more secure cloud. European policymakers should create a sound regulatory environment conducive to the necessary investments in the networks, EPA concluded.

European businesses should be encouraged by such a statement that shows EPA is understanding the need of more policy actions in the sphere of cloud computing. On the other hand, Europe’s companies should realize that governments and EU bodies can only create the legislative framework for further development of the cloud while entrepreneurs and enterprises have to invest their own funds in developing cloud-based services.
It is encouraging to hear the EPA is developing Europe-wide program to encourage companies to invest in the cloud after the United States revealed a similar program recently. Steps like this show that Europe is still in the battle to play an important role in development of cloud-based services and technologies, and European cloud startups could expect more backing by the government in the future.

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