MyCloudSite Offers Free Web Hosting

MyCloudSite Offers Free Web Hosting

NEW YORK, NY–(February 25, 2011) – Cloud computing is all the rage — and it’s not just for big companies with deep pockets anymore. CloudPronto has rolled out free web hosting in the cloud through MyCloudSite.

Similar to shared hosting, MyCloudSite is a free hosting service that allows several websites to sit on a single web server connected to the Internet via the cloud. Unlike traditional shared hosting services that rely on dedicated servers, MyCloudSite relies on the cloud to offer even greater benefits — free. Essentially, MyCloudSite offers the same enhanced reliability and affordability guarantees as ServerPronto — in the cloud.

“MyCloudSite is our latest cloud offering. This free product lets you venture into the world of cloud computing securely through CloudPronto’s scalable, redundant, secure hosting,” said Octavio Diaz, Operations Manager at CloudPronto. “We used to offer MyCloudSite for rates as low as $3.95. Now, we’re offering you the opportunity to tap into the shared hosting benefits of the cloud at no cost.”

Shared hosting offers benefits such as low-cost, affordable hosting, full-service server administration, and plenty of free extras, like shopping carts, mailing lists, and guestbooks. But entering the world of cloud computing offers additional benefits traditional shared hosting providers can’t match. CloudPronto’s cloud servers are based on VMware’s virtualization technology, for example, which guarantees total access to run applications and host websites on a fault tolerant platform.

MyCloudSite is a cPanel-based account hosted on CloudPronto’s proven technology, which offers an energy efficient infrastructure, 99.9% uptime guarantee, fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure, and load-balanced cloud architecture. MyCloudSite offers one FTP account, five e-mail accounts, and one MySQL database.

“CloudPronto is all about helping companies of all sizes find the right cloud computing solutions to meet their needs,” Diaz says. “If you outgrow the free account, CloudPronto also has cloud hosting accounts for SOHOs, small businesses, and the enterprise that offer you reliability, security and scalability you need to grow your company’s online presence.”

About CloudPronto Hosting
CloudPronto is part of the ‘Pronto family’ of companies with MailPronto, ColoPronto and ServerPronto, which have been leading a low-cost revolution in the hosting industry since 2003. Following in those footsteps, CloudPronto Hosting is poised to change the way businesses worldwide buy IT by delivering computing-as-a-service. Integrating the industry’s best technologies into a flexible service offering, making computing more reliable and affordable.

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Source: Marketwire

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