How To Navigate The Emerging IT Complexity – CIO Dialog March 28th, 29th, 2011

How to navigate the emerging IT complexity including the cloud computing paradigm shift

Experiencing a crazy time with cloud computing, many other emerging technologies and budget pressures all converging, you will agree that with so many changing responsibilities for IT executives, it is difficult to stay ahead and focus on the management of the IT team. Understanding the major changes and how they affect you is essential to be successful. And not only that, the second step for any CIO is driving the change and business transformation through the use of IT and cutting-edge management.

The CIO Dialog ( in its 26th edition worldwide on March 28th and 29th, 2011, in Dallas, TX, is one of the main international discussion forums from and for senior IT executives to discuss how to lead change in an ever changing IT landscape and to gain the business tools to implement innovation. So ahead of the event we thought we’d give you an insight from the report “A Lean Approach to Change Management” by CIO Dialog partner AT Kearney which can be downloaded here.

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One Response to How To Navigate The Emerging IT Complexity – CIO Dialog March 28th, 29th, 2011

  1. Dear CloudTweaks,
    Thanks for all your great insightful posts. I thought I might chime in with regards to the complexity inherent in Cloud adoption.

    We see one of the key challenges when it comes to cloud adoption as how to balance the contradicting requirements for speed and controlling risk. The higher the speed and pace of change, the less control and higher risk. On the other hand if you increase control that translates into slower speed of achieving change. How do you manage with all the IT complexity?

    When it comes to the cloud, this notion is amplified even further as enterprises are required to move even faster, and at the same time any failure or outage is highly visible – so control cannot afford to be an oversight.

    We recently had a webinar with a top analyst from EMA talking about this change dilemma:
    Learn How to Drive Change While Remaining in Control

    So, is achieving both control and speed at the same time realistic? Yes, but it requires a different approach. Especially when it comes to configuration management. The existing configuration management tools (e.g. CMDB) hit their limits: they were designed and architectured for physical, static environments and are too rigid to handle the pace of change and dynamics of modern IT including migrating to the cloud.


    Alex Gutman
    Technology Evangelist
    Evolven Software, Inc.

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