Salesforce Cloud Solves Housing Crisis For Wiel Brien

Salesforce Cloud Solves Housing Crisis For Wiel Brien

Next-generation real estate company Wiel Brien is using Cloud 2 technologies from for its innovative solution to the housing crisis.

Wiel Brien aims to make its Home Affordable Again program successful as it creates a path to homeownership for those who are unable to get financing.

The company is keen on using technology to efficiently run its business and is leveraging the Cloud Computing technologies built on the platform with mobile functionality delivered on the iPad.

Its entire IT infrastructure is now built on, with custom applications built on the platform that successfully manages every step of its property lifecycle.

Work has become more streamlined at Wiel Brien after it chose to deploy Cloud Computing solutions from The next generation real estate company is using a custom application to score properties and neighborhoods and then to compute the maximum amount the company is willing to pay for each property.

Another application is helping Wiel Brien to manage landscaping and construction. Also, Salesforce CRM is enabling the management of the marketing, property listings and the rental of the properties.

Thanks to the platform, Wiel Brien has been able to build multiple custom applications quickly and at minimal cost. By using the unique property evaluation application it is able to evaluate hundreds of properties in Wiel Brien’s target zones daily.

Finally, Salesforce’s property asset application is being used to manage the linear process of renovation and construction until a property is leased and income producing.

Without Salesforce, we would not be able to close on our current rate of 30 to 40 homes a month,” said Colin Wiel, managing partner, Wiel Brien. “’s Cloud 2 technologies are the cornerstone of our technology strategy and enable us to be a twenty-first century real estate company and help those affected by the housing crisis.

By Anuradha Shukla

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