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Sports Wagering and Cloud Computing

Betting on sports with Cloud Computing

New In-Play betting system by bet365 is leveraging Cloud Computing technology to enables users to bet on the outcome of specific events that take place while a sport is in progress.  This betting system used by Stoke based eGaming operator employs a distributed computing model to deliver the scale necessary to meet the demand for bet365’s products.

Betting on outcome of sports is popular all across the world and now we have a technology to make this “game” even more interesting.  Information is power, and users who want to bet on the next goal in a football game or match point at Wimbledon require a continuous stream of real-time information.

Engineers at bet365 have recognized this need and have designed a unique software that allows the company to inject data into any area of the user’s dashboard in close to real-time. Also, this solution offers greater speed and scalability by storing the information in the cloud. Users can bet conveniently and quickly as the system automatically refreshes the chosen elements of the dashboard without interfering with their experience.

In addition to giving users the freedom to view information on multiple sports or in-depth information on the sport of their choice, this solution provides fully integrated audio and visual coverage of live sporting events.
Bet365 claims that its software can handle thousands of changes per second and deliver them out to interested users in near real time.

We could not achieve the scale we have without our Systems teams. They have enabled us to take the pressure off of our databases and storage systems and increase the scale and flexibility of our systems through the creation of our own personal cloud,” said Martin Davies, chief technology officer, bet365.

I’m very proud of our systems teams. They continue to push through barriers to deliver a rich multi-media experience that is controlled by the user and can support millions of people across the world simultaneously.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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