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Top 55 Cloud Computing Enablers Gaining Mind Share in 1Q 2011

Top 55 Cloud Computing Enablers Gaining Mind Share

It’s that time again. Today we take a look at 1Q 2011 to see which Cloud players are gaining mindshare. You can guarantee that the Cloud computing segment will be even more exciting to watch in  2011 than it was in 2010 as large enterprise information technology companies continue their rapid restructuring to an on-demand cloud computing model by gobbling up tasty Cloud morsels seeking to save time and money in the process by adding proven, high quality Cloud solutions to their portfolios.

The easy pickings are disappearing quickly as the giants of IT put their healthy cash positions to work in an effort to win over the hearts and minds of SMB and corporate customer.

It won’t be easy as new entrants to the enterprise market like Amazon and Google charge ahead at breathtaking speeds threatening the legacy player’s dominance.

While those companies are not held back by years of legacy infrastructure, their Achilles heel seems to be underestimating the complexity of the enterprise market where a better mousetrap doesn’t necessarily win the day unless it can penetrate the regulatory, privacy, and security obstacles to name but a few of the challenges that lie ahead. Leaders like understand the enterprise challenge and their leadership staffing reflects that deep enterprise and channel knowledge.

Before we dive into the list, lets take a quick look at the 2010 / 2011 acquisitions activity to gain some insight into the direction of the market players.

2010 Acquisitions:

  • CA Technologies acquires 4Base (Virtualization and Cloud Strategy)
  • CA Technologies acquires Cassatt (Cloud Data Center Management)
  • Dell acquired Perot Systems (IT Services and Solutions)
  • Dell acquires Compellent (Virtual Storage Platform)
  • EMC’s VMWare acquires Zimbra (Open Source Desktop Client)
  • EMC acquired Data Domain (Storage De-duplication)
  • HP acquires Fortify (Security Assurance)
  • HP acquires Palm (Smartphones)
  • HP acquired 3Com (Network Switches, Routers, Gateways)
  • IBM acquiring Cast Iron (SaaS and Cloud Integration)
  • Intel acquires McAfee (Security – Anti-virus, Encryption, Firewall)
  • Oracle acquired Sun (Servers and Storage Systems)

2011 Acquisitions:

  • Black Duck Software acquires Olliance (Open Source Strategy Consulting)
  • CA acquires Torokina Networks (Service Assurance Management)
  • Cisco picks up Pari Networks (Network / Change Management)
  • Citrix closes Netviewer acquisition (Software-as-a-Service -SaaS)
  • CoreLogic acquires Dorado (Transaction Management – PaaS)
  • Dell to acquire InSite One (Healthcare/ Medical Storage, DR)
  • Dell SecureWorks acquisition (Security)
  • Google acquires SayNow (Social Voice Platform)
  • HP Buys Vertica (Real-Time Analytics)
  • Infor Launches Bid For Lawson (Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP)
  • NetApp acquires Akorri (Infrastructure Optimization)
  • Qualcomm acquires Atheros (Chips – Smartphones, Tablets)
  • Rackspace acquires Anso Labs (OpenStack)
  • Salesforce buys Heroku (Ruby Development platform)
  • Salesforce buys DimDim (Communications platform)
  • Skype acquires Qik (Mobile video – Android, iOS, BlackBerry)
  • Sourcefire acquires Immunet (Cloud based anti-malware)
  • Teradata buys Aster Data (Data analytics)
  • Time Warner Cable buys Navisite (Cloud Managed Services)
  • Verizon acquires Terremark (Managed Hosting Services)

With that M&A activity as background, here are the rankings for the Top 55 Cloud Enablers Gaining Mind Share in 1Q 2011 (bolded entries are my current favorites). As customary, the list below is a subjective impression of Cloud Service Providers (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) on my cloud computing radar.

  1. Amazon Web Services(AWS),
    1. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2),
    2. Simple Storage Service (S3),
    3. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC),
    4. Elastic Beanstalk,
    5. Elastic Block Store (EBS),
    6. CloudFront,
    7. Cloud Formation,
    8. CloudWatch
    1. Sales Cloud 2 (CRM),
    2. Service Cloud 2 (Support),
    3. (Development Platform),
    4. Chatter (Collaboration),
    5. Heroku,
    7. Jigsaw,
    8. RemedyForce,
    9. AppExchange
  3. Google Apps (Web based business applications suite)
  4. VMWare(Virtualization management)
    1. vCloud Director,
    2. vCenter,
    3. vSphere
  5. Citrix – XenServer (Virtualization), VMLogix
  6. Rackspace – Cloud Builders / OpenStack, CloudKick
  7. HP – 3PAR, Vertica (Data Analytics)
  8. Dell – Boomi (AtomSphere – Cloud Integration)
  9. Cisco
  10. CA Technologies – 3Tera AppLogic (Turnkey Cloud computing platform)
  11. EMC
  12. Equinix
  13. IBM Smart Business, Cloudburst
  14. Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V
  15. Verizon – Terremark
  16. AT&T Synaptic
  17. BMC
  18. CSC Cloud
  19. Abiquo (Enterprise Cloud management)
  20. Rightscale (Cloud management platform)
  21. Joyent (Cloud software for service providers)
  22. GoGrid (Cloud infrastructure solutions – IaaS)
  23. rPath (On demand IT systems automation)
  24. Radware (Integrated application delivery solutions)
  25. OpenNebula (Open source cloud computing toolkit, infrastructure as a service)
  26. Appistry (CloudIQ storage management platform)
  27. NetSuite (Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP and financials suite)
  28. Zuora (Cloud based subscription billing and payment solutions)
  29. Eucalyptus (Open source private cloud software)
  30. CohesiveFT (Cloud container virtualization solutions)
  31. Kaavo (Infrastructure and middleware on demand)
  32. Appirio – Cloud Connectors (Cloud solution provider)
  33. LongJump (Platform as a Service provider)
  34. Nimbula (Enterprise Cloud operating system)
  35. AppZero (Virtual application appliances)
  36. Enomaly – Elastic Compute Platform (ECP) (Cloud service provider platform)
  37. Symplified (Security – Unified access management for SaaS)
  38. Savvis (Cloud infrastructure as a service)
  39. OpSource (Enterprise Cloud and managed hosting services)
  40. Gigaspaces (Enterprise PaaS and ISV SaaS enablement)
  41. Rollbase (Cloud platforms for business applications)
  42. Nasuni (Cloud storage)
  43. Egnyte (Hybrid Cloud storage)
  44. GoodData (Sales and marketing collaborative analytics)
  45. CloudShare (IT as a Service)
  46. Crosscheck Networks (Service Oriented Architecture – SOA web services)
  47. Caspio (Online database platform)
  48. Netuitive (Predictive analytics platform)
  49. (Cloud computing infrastructure and management software)
  50. (Cloud  hosting and recovery services)
  51. Navisite (Managed Cloud hosting services)
  52. SoftLayer (On demand data center and hosting services)
  53. CloudSwitch(Enterprise Cloud computing services)
  54. enStratus (Cloud governance)
  55. Okta (On demand identity and access management)

Honorable mentions go to:

  • 10Gen (Open source document database)
  • 37Signals (Collaboration, project and contact management)
  • Adaptive (Data Center automation)
  • Arjuna (Cloud consulting)
  • Astadia (Marketing automation, sales enablement)
  • Basic Gov (Software as a Service – SaaS for government)
  • Bluewolf (Software as a Service – SaaS consulting)
  • Cotendo (Integrated services)
  • Couchbase (NoSQL database)
  • Cloud9Analytics (Sales forecasting and pipeline management)
  • Cloudant (Integrated database, analytics, and search)
  • CloudCentral (Cloud servers and hosting)
  • CloudCruiser (Cloud migration solutions)
  • Cloudera (Open source data analysis)
  • CloudSigma (Cloud servers and hosting, Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS)
  • CloudScale (Real-time analytics)
  • CloudSoft (Transactional application scaling and distribution)
  • Cloudworks (Virtual desktop)
  • Cordys (Cloud MashApp platform)
  • daptiv (On demand PPM)
  • Datameer (Data analytics)
  • Datapipe (Managed Cloud services)
  • Elastra (Cloud server)
  • Elastic Hosts (Elastic Cloud servers)
  • Electric Cloud (Cloud based private software development)
  • Engine Yard (Ruby application development platform)
  • eVapt (Billing solutions)
  • Enki (Virtual IT)
  • Flexiant (Utility computing on demand)
  • FreshBooks (Invoicing and Billing)
  • Gladinet (Cloud Desktop Backup and Storage)
  • GreenQloud (Green Public Cloud Compute)
  • Hyperic (Open source networking software)
  • HyperOffice (Business collaboration software)
  • iCloud (Virtual Desktop)
  • iLand (Cloud infrastructure)
  • Intacct (Cloud based Financial and Accounting software)
  • Intalio (Private Cloud computing solutions)
  • Jive Software (Social CRM)
  • JumpBox (Open source virtual appliance)
  • LayeredTech (Cloud hosting and managed services)
  • Mezeo (Cloud storage)
  • Model Metrics (Cloud computing consulting)
  • Navajo Systems (Virtual Private SaaS – VPS)
  • Ncomputing (Desktop virtualization)
  • NetDNA (Content delivery network)
  • newScale (Data center services)
  • Nirvanix (Enterprise Cloud Storage, Storage Delivery Network)
  • Nimbus (Cloud client computer)
  • Nimsoft (Cloud monitoring)
  • Nolio (Application release automation)
  • Oxygen Cloud (Enterprise Cloud file storage)
  • PanTerra Networks (Cloud based Unified Communications)
  • Parallels (Virtualization and automation software)
  • Paremus (Service fabric)
  • Peer1 (Private Cloud hosting services)
  • Practice Fusion (Web based Electronic Health / Medical Records)
  • Quantivo (Behavioral analytics)
  • Red Hat (Enterprise virtualization / Linux)
  • ReliaCloud (Cloud servers and storage)
  • RightNow (Cloud based Social, Web, and Contact Center Platform)
  • SkyTap (Cloud automation solutions for enterprise)
  • Scalr (Dynamic server provisioning)
  • Soasta (Cloud testing)
  • SuccessFactors (Analytics, Mobile, Social)
  • Sungard (Cloud infrastructure services)
  • ThinkGrid (Cloud enablement platform)
  • Twilio (Cloud communications – web services)
  • Unisys (Cloud managed services provider)
  • Virtual Ark (Application managed services, SaaS)
  • Workbooks (Web based CRM and Business Applications for SMB)
  • Workday (Human Resource Management Solutions)
  • Wyse (Cloud client computer)
  • Zendesk (Web based Helpdesk software)
  • Zetta (Cloud storage)
  • Zoho (Business, Productivity, and Collaboration Applications)

- Tune The Future -

By Ray DePena

Disclosure: The opinions expressed here are my own. I have no direct stock holdings in any company mentioned. I am a member of the Ulitzer Blog Network serving as Founder and Editor of several Journals, and am not an employee of Ulitzer, SYS-CON, CloudTweaks, Cloudbook, Focus Expert network, or any other website where this blog post may appear.

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