Amazon Cloud Available For Autonomic MMS-2, MMS-5 Servers

Amazon Cloud Available For Autonomic MMS-2, MMS-5 Servers

Support for Amazon’s new Cloud Drive service is now available for all models of Autonomic Mirage Media Servers (MMS-2 and MMS-5).

Autonomic Controls, which engineers digital media solutions for integrators and manufacturers in the custom electronics industry, says that it is offering a free firmware update during the second quarter.

The Amazon Cloud Drive is expected to further bolster Autonomic’s list of supported online services.

This will however take another 2 months because integration support is currently being tested internally and is scheduled for release within 60 days.

Mirage Media Server from Autonomic is popular for its ability to store digital content collections in a secure, online locker. The company claims it was the first time when customers were able to experience global access and automatic synchronization between locations.

Autonomic’s supported online services currently include PANDORA internet radio, TuneIn Radio (RadioTime) and SiriusXM Internet Radio.

Customers purchasing music from will instantly be able to enjoy it on all of their Mirage Media Servers via their Amazon Cloud Drive.

Music lovers can begin with 5 GB of Cloud Drive storage to upload their digital music library, and if they choose to buy an Amazon MP3 album they will automatically be upgraded to 20 GB of Cloud Drive space.

From the start, we made support for cloud storage a foundation of the MMS architecture, beginning with a successful integration with,” said Michael Toscano, Autonomic co-founder and chief technology officer. “Knowing the cloud is the future, our R&D efforts have been focused on Amazon’s S3 cloud storage network for some time. This has put us in the perfect position to leverage support for the Amazon Cloud Drive quickly.”

Autonomic is encouraging qualified Autonomic dealers with demo MMS-5 systems in-house to send a request to be included in beta testing. They can do so by emailing

By Anuradha Shukla


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