Cisco Uncovers New Green Texas Data Center in Cloud Computing Push

Cisco Uncovers New Green Texas Data Center in Cloud Computing Push

Networking giant Cisco may have lost out on its enterprise mail effort (See: What Cisco’s Defeat Means For Cloud Computing) , but it is leaving no stone unturned in the promotion of its private cloud computing effort, which it calls Cisco IT Elastic Infrastructure Services.

In a step in that direction, last week Cisco unveiled a new data center in Allen, Texas that will operate in conjunction with another data center in nearby Richardson in to enable the two facilities to create a virtualized and dynamic IT services cloud and to serve as backup sites for each other. This model, called Metro Virtual Data Center (MVDC), may be replicated in Europe and Asia.

The Allen center features a lot of innovations, some of which are:

  • Rotary flywheels in lieu of batteries for the uninterruptable power supply (UPS).
  • An air-side economizer that will use ambient outside air instead of mechanical cooling 65% of the time, resulting in $600,000 annual saving in cooling costs.
  • 100 KW of rooftop solar power for the building’s offices.
  • A lagoon  that collects rainwater to be used for irrigation and landscaping
  • A Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric of 1.35.
  • The ability to withstand tornado winds up to 175 mph.

John Manville, vice president of IT at Cisco, spoke about the changing norms measuring the impact of data centers. “In the future, I believe the IT industry will be able to measure energy usage against the productivity of the data center, helping us to determine business value delivered against resources consumed. That is where virtualization and cloud computing excel. Cloud computing has garnered a lot of attention for its efficiency and cost savings, but it also can have a highly positive impact on reducing energy consumption.”

Our new data center showcases Cisco’s innovation leadership and the data center architectural flexibility to deliver any application, in any location, and any scale in a secure and open manner,” said John McCool, senior vice president, Data Center, Switching, and Services Group, Cisco.

Throughout our next generation data center portfolio, Cisco takes an evolutionary standards-based approach to provide the innovative products needed for highly virtualized data center and private cloud environments, while extending our customers’ existing technology investments. Cisco’s fabric-based architecture enables operational simplicity and reduces total cost of ownership,” he added.

Soni Jiandani, vice president, Server Access and Virtualization Group, Cisco, spoke about the rapid transformation taking place in data centers nowadays and where Cisco stood. “As critical business assets, data centers today are undergoing rapid technology and architectural changes to meet and respond more rapidly to evolving business goals. Innovative Cisco technologies like the Cisco Unified Computing System and Nexus product families are helping data centers transform into an agile and efficient networked environment that helps deliver information from any device to any content, anywhere, at any time.”

By Sourya Biswas

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