Cloud Computing Without The Internet – Is It Possible?

Cloud Computing Without The Internet – Is It Possible?

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The cloud industry has been taken by storm after the claim by a California-based startup that cloud computing is possible without the Internet. Cloudmotion, funded by the same venture capitalists that had a hand in Google’s and eBay’s successes, declared last Friday that they are in the last stages of testing and except to start commercialization before end of 2012.

The company, founded by two MIT computer science PhDs, started operations in 2009 and received a second round of funding in January this year. Its revolutionary product, dubbed “Chimera”, promises to shake up the cloud computing industry if early trials are an indication.

Without going much into details, co-founder Marty McFly said that the technology is similar to radio and functions by bouncing waves from the atmosphere. In other words, “cloud computing will actually go into the clouds,” he remarked. This will eliminate the need for the Internet, though a transceiver unit will be required to transmit and receive the signals.

Mr. McFly revealed that they are in the final stages of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approval and expect to commence beta testing soon. Commercial roll-out is scheduled for December 21, 2012. Although pricing hasn’t been finalized, Mr. McFly indicated it will be comparable with Amazon’s EC2 rates.

Gartner security analyst Sarah Connor indicated that sending data over the airwaves may enable users to avoid several problems specific to the Internet like hackers, broadband issues, etc., but may open up a whole new vista of potential concerns. “We are examining the potential problems with such a technology,” she said.

If this has got you excited, don’t be. It’s a belated celebration of April 1, All Fools’ Day!!

For those of you who got the cultural reference, congratulations! In case you didn’t, here they are:

  • Chimera is a mythical animal, much like the aforementioned cloud computing product. According to Greek mythology, the chimera is a monstrous fire-breathing female creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of multiple animals – a lioness’ body with a tail ending with a snake’s mouth. A goat’s head also sprouted from the spine.

In fact, the word has also come to mean, more generally, an impossible or foolish fantasy.

  • Marty McFly is the memorable character played by Michael J. Fox in the iconic “Back to the Future” series.
  • December 21, 2012 is the date which is supposed to mark the end of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mayan calendar, the date when several people believe, the world will end. This has given rise to what is known as the “2012 phenomena” and resulted in several books and one Hollywood blockbuster, named, (what else?) “2012”.
  • Sarah Connor is the name of the feisty character played by Linda Hamilton in the popular “Terminator” film franchise. She is the mother of John Connor who leads the human resistance when a ubiquitous network called Skynet (strong resemblance to the Internet, which came years after the first film was released) declares war on humanity and unleashes an army of killer robots.

With that small diversion to the lighter things of life, we will continue our serious discussion on all things related to cloud computing. :D

By Sourya Biswas

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