Featured Whitepaper – Global Business and Cloud Computing Collide

Global Business and the Cloud Computing Collide

This new SandHill Group white paper explores the powerful advantages of SaaS technologies in addressing the challenges of a global market, virtual teams and an ever-changing business climate. In today’s increasingly global business climate, companies are expanding operations to many parts of the world in order to secure and optimize talent where it lives. This trend is leading to an explosion of geographically distributed virtual teams.Companies have turned to technology to improve collaborative efforts. While traditional, pre-Internet technologies were cumbersome, expensive and complex, today’s cloud computing technologies, on-demand applications, ubiquitous broadband access, and mobile technologies have revolutionized the inter-connected workforce. Cloud solutions have proven convenient, powerful, and cost-effective in bringing diverse and distributed teams together.

This whitepaper presents findings from Sand Hill Group’s “Leaders in the Cloud” study to explore the market drivers of cloud computing and on-demand Software-as-a-Service technologies and better understand the benefits of deploying these technologies to solve the complex challenges of a globalized markets, virtual teams, and ever-changing business climate.


“The trend towards virtual offices has been accelerating for the past several years as companies seek new ways to reduce costs of facilities, travel and other overhead expenses. Small and mid-sized companies are driving this trend as they propel the economic growth and recovery of the economy overall.

On the global economic front, emerging markets have recovered faster and emerged stronger from recent economic woes and they continue to drive new growth for established and new companies alike. As these markets mature, they bring more experienced and skilled people to the global workforce causing an increase in outsourcing. Organizations will not only outsource routine management and maintenance work but will also increasingly outsource strategic R&D and other highvalue projects that required highly skilled workers.

As the world shrinks and global markets expand, businesses need new ways of connecting and collaborating with each other. Cloud computing promises to enable this future in ways that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. With cloud-based applications today, companies conduct inexpensive high-definition video conferences with multiple people from around the globe. It’s therefore no exaggeration to call cloud computing the biggest IT transformational wave since the client-server and PC revolution.

The result? A more agile, competitive business. ”  Signup To Access The Full White Paper


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