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NephoScale Offers Free Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage Starter Package

Cloud Hosting Provider Launches Program for Hands-on Experience

SAN JOSE, Calif. – April 18, 2011 – NephoScale is making it easier to get hands-on with its cloud infrastructure services with a Cloud Computing and Storage Starter Package that gives new users a free 256MB cloud server and up to 1GB of cloud storage for one year. The Starter Package can be used to run applications, launch new ones into the cloud, test existing ones in a cloud environment, and back up or host data files. It also serves as a barrier-free way to get acquainted with NephoScale’s unique CloudScript programmatic interface for quickly deploying and managing cloud infrastructures.

New users can sign up for the free package by clicking here: cloud computing and cloud storage starter package.

The industry is still in the stage where organizations are doing homework on cloud infrastructure services and this starter package will allow them to become familiar with our services without having to dip into their wallets,” said Bruce Templeton, president of NephoScale. “We’re giving users both a cloud server and cloud storage so they can create a real-world computing environment where they can host applications or websites, and take full advantage of the NephoScale portal, API and CloudScript technology.”

NephoScale’s Free Cloud Computing and Storage Starter Package provides users with:

  • 750 hours per month usage of a cloud server with .25GB RAM and 10GB persistent storage
  • 10GB of inbound Internet transfer to the starter cloud server instance per month
  • 10GB of outbound Internet transfer from the starter cloud server instance per month
  • 1GB data store in the NephoScale object-based cloud storage service
  • 10,000 GET requests in object-base cloud storage per month
  • 1,000 PUT requests in object-based cloud storage per month
  • 1GB of inbound Internet transfer to object-based cloud storage per month
  • 1GB of outbound Internet transfer from object-based cloud storage per month

CentOS 5.5 64-bit (base image) and Ubuntu Server 10.04 64-bit (base image) operating systems are available for use on the free cloud server. NephoScale cloud services are intended to be self-managed; however, basic systems administrator skills are needed to use them.

NephoScale’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings include Cloud Servers, On-Demand Dedicated Servers and Object-Based Cloud Storage – all powered by the CloudScript programmatic interface that enables users to provision and manage all aspects of their cloud infrastructure using a single API submission.

Starter Package Details

NephoScale’s Free Cloud Computing and Storage Starter Package is now available to new users. Learn more and register for a new account at cloud computing and cloud storage starter package. The package expires one year from the sign-up date. After expiration, standard usage rate charges will apply to all services and the usage rate for the 256MB cloud server will be $.03/hour. Usage during the one-year period that exceeds the allotment will also be subject to standard usage rates. The Starter Package does not include system administration support, although technical support will be provided for any system errors, and suggested improvements are welcome.

About NephoScale
NephoScale is a technology leader in cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), delivering Cloud Servers, On-Demand Dedicated Servers, and Object-based Cloud Storage to customers worldwide. NephoScale’s advanced IaaS platform scales horizontally, vertically and geographically, and its unique service integration and management capability greatly reduces the programming required for cloud services. The company pioneered a unique programmatic interface called CloudScript that reduces provisioning times through the batch processing of API calls. Private-held NephoScale is headquartered in Silicon Valley and online at

Source: Nephoscale

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