UK Public Sector Shifts Closer to the Cloud

UK Public Sector Shifts Closer to the Cloud

The UK Government’s Information and Communications Technology strategy highlights the need to move to cloud computing, and this demand is being addressed by cloud collaboration specialist, Huddle.

Used by more than 85,000 organizations worldwide, including Disney, Huddle notes that the UK government’s shift towards cloud computing is gathering pace due to government-wide agreed terms with the organization.

Huddle is already working with over 60 per cent of central government departments, and will now support the Government Cloud Programme. The cloud supplier will recognize government as a single ICT customer, and actively work together to deliver increased value for money.

The commercial proposition of the agreement between Huddle and the UK government comes into effect immediately. Huddle has also been contracted to provide government bodies with several services, according to company’s sources.

The company will now deliver services including access to network integration, reporting, mobile applications, best practice content and training sessions with its public sector specialists.

According to a release, the new commercial terms will benefit all existing and new Huddle customer. Also, it is expected that similar cloud agreements will follow in the future.

These agreed terms are evidence of the fact that the cloud is now at the heart of the public sector’s drive to increase efficiency, productivity and achieve cost savings,” said Alastair Mitchell, CEO and co-founder, Huddle. “Costly on-premise legacy ICT systems that have been deployed to support collaboration are simply not up to the job.”

Mitchell continued: “Organizations require a secure cross-platform, cross-firewall tool and our figures show that government could save more than £100 million by replacing the likes of SharePoint with Huddle. As this agreement demonstrates, it is possible for start-ups to secure deals with government and move into an area that has been dominated by systems integrators and technology goliaths. Following David Cameron’s push to support the UK’s technology ecosystem, now is the time for the industry to really shine.”

Huddle has been successful with the UK government and the benefits of the deployment have encouraged European government departments, such as the Belgian Federal Public Service Social Security, to deploy the company’s solutions.

By Anuradha Shukla

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