Which Cloud Computing Quality Works For You?

Which Cloud Computing Quality Works For You?

As any successful entrepreneur worth his millions will tell you, “The customer is always right.” However, in a technology paradigm as new as cloud computing, the customer does not always know enough to be right. In such a situation, the customer has to go ahead to what is more important to him, and then proceed down the list.

Presented here are some of the possible things that you as a customer, may find especially important. While it is definitely possible to get multiple benefits from the cloud computing product or service you choose, prioritizing your requirements can help you determine the optimum choice.

Some Possible Scenarios

1. You own a startup and want access to technologies you can’t possibly buy outright. Here, your cloud computing choice will be determined by the service provider’s ability to provide you the privileged access you desire at reasonable costs, billed as per your usage.

In fact, now there is a specialized program by industry leader Rackspace to address your needs.

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2. You are the CTO of a firm that is expecting a major ramp up of its IT requirements in the near future.  Here, your decision to go on the cloud is directly dependent on the scalability of the service.

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3. You manage the data for a large firm and would like to ensure that a single natural disaster or computer outage does not wipe out your data banks. Here, the redundancy quality of cloud computing is what is most important for you.

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4. You run a real estate company and every day you have several salespeople out on the field. What you want is a mobile solution that will allow your sales personnel to access loads of relevant information on the go. Here, is the ability to make computing truly mobile.

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5. You are simply looking to save money and think cloud computing can help you do just that. Well, you are not mistaken; cloud computing can save you a lot of money, especially if you use certain services intermittently – you will no longer have to buy them, but can simply rent them when you need them.

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6. You believe strongly in saving the environment and are attracted to cloud computing because of its ability to reduce your company’s greenhouse gas emissions. While there is strong evidence to indicate that migrating to the cloud does reduce a company’s carbon footprint, more research is needed in this field.

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As you can see, there are lots of reasons to make the transition from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud computing, or in the case of startups, choose the latter in the first place. However, as a customer, it is important to understand which attribute works best for you and prioritize that when making your decision. There are different configurations, products and services that can help you realize your goals.

By Sourya Biswas


Sourya Biswas is a former risk analyst who has worked with several financial organizations of international repute, besides being a freelance journalist with several articles published online. After 6 years of work, he has decided to pursue further studies at the University of Notre Dame, where he has completed his MBA. He holds a Bachelors in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Information Technology. He is also a member of high-IQ organizations Mensa and Triple Nine Society and has been a prolific writer to CloudTweaks over the years... http://www.cloudtweaks.com/author/sourya/

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