10 Cloud Based CRM Services To Help Manage Your Business

10 Cloud Based CRM Services To Help Manage Your Business


Offers a CRM solution to enhance the power and convenience of web for marketing, sales, and customer care tools needed for marketing and selling industry leading service. Its system also provides tools for managing and analyzing all the current and historical data and activities.


Salesforce.com is known to be a market leader in CRM. It combines the best of business processes and technology that provides powerful CRM services. Salesforce.com offers an array of Cloud CRM and business application services that allow customers and subscribers to systematically record and store business data.


Acumatica utilizes the power of The Cloud to deliver a complete business management solution that is easy to install and inexpensive to maintain.  Acumatica is web-based so you can get started immediately and eliminate expenses associated with installing and updating client software.


Commence CRM is a robust highly flexible customer management solution for the middle market. Commence offers customers the “Freedom of Choice” to deploy the CRM solution on premise or hosted ondemand via the cloud. What differentiates Commence CRM from other CRM solutions starts with an intuitive, friendly user interface that makes the product extremely easy to navigate and easy to use.


Offers a comprehensive CRM solution set with customization tools. What makes it as a comprehensive package is because Netsuite is an on demand service with all in one front and back office solution. One of its unique features is the real time analytics dashboard that provides easy to view role specific business information which is always up-to-date.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Services is Microsoft’s online CRM that offers different plans for professional, advanced and enterprise level businesses. The web-based service gives more enhancement in customer service capabilities. It can automate workflow and provide analytics that helps to fill the productivity of business.


Cloud CRM & Computing solutions hosted by Salesboom.com provide your company with seamless integration and the easiest deployment in the industry. Your entire enterprise will experience a streamlined workflow at a much lower cost than traditional on-premise CRM Solutions and other Cloud CRM Software vendors.


The Soffront Cloud CRM application is comprised of Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Customer Support, Employee Support, Defect Tracking, Knowledge Management, Order Processing, Asset Management, CRM Portal, Mobile CRM and more.


OpenCRM delivers premium CRM functionality.  Its a cloud based CRM service which offers document management, service and storage.

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5 Responses to 10 Cloud Based CRM Services To Help Manage Your Business

  1. Haven’t found from the list, but I use WorkForceTrack which is really user friendly cloud based crm provider. It has some features which above listed tools do not. Moreover, you can sign up for a free trial and check out how the system works.

  2. Rightly said, the demand for Cloud CRM is increasing. It enhances easy accessibility of data on real time basis. In fact it was a nice tips on 10 cloud based CRM services to help our business process.

  3. Above mentioned all CRMs are the best in the industry but some of them cant be afford by the small businesses..Here i also recommend Bizautomation.com which is All in one CRM for small businesses.. and its start from $49… so any business can easily afford it..

  4. Customer relationship management(CRM) software increases the efficiency to handle customer data efficiently.

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