Cloud Computing With AT&T – Are They One Step Ahead?

AT&T: Benefits of Marching into Cloud Computing being a leading Telecom Company.

Business is a dynamic activity, so should be your infrastructure.

Of late, cloud computing has invaded the IT world, fixing its roots deeply and swiftly. With the unexpected seasonal spikes showing up in businesses every now and then, hiring cloud services has become extremely essential to counterbalance this inflated business activity.

And the exponential increase in the demand has certainly shot up the allurement of setting up separate departments and organizations for development of these profitable services to a degree that even the communications giants AT&T couldn’t refrain themselves from being tempted into selling these computing services.

Cloud computing services at AT&T promise you a stable, flexible, and cost-effective alternative your growing business strives for.

A Telecom company like AT&T has a few great advantages over its newly established peers into cloud services.

Building the cloud infrastructure is not as expensive as it is for the starters or the non-telecom business firms. This is largely because of the connectivity, billing, and data assets already being in place for AT&T. So, without the need of starting from scratch, a Telecom company such as AT&T is poised to make a head start in providing cloud services.

Since AT&T’s first launch of the world’s first telephone by Alexander Graham Bell way back in 1876, it has made many significant transformations in the telecommunications industry. Today, AT&T is certainly emerging as one of the most promising names in cloud computing as well because of the advantage of built-in-technology it already possess in its infrastructure.

AT&T set foot into cloud computing with a bang in 2006 with the purchase of a well-established application service provider, the ‘USInternetworking’.  Then, in 2008, AT&T brought forward an application hosting service in the form of ‘Synaptic Hosting’ that includes the ‘Storage-as-a-Software’ and ‘Compute-as-a-Software’ offerings providing superb networking, storage and security.

Setting up an infrastructure on your own requires a massive investment. And, you have to pay even for the development of the excessive unused part of it that is kept as a reserve. Again, nobody can anticipate a hike in the business of an organization beforehand. It is definitely not possible to have the infrastructure ready just before the spike or inflation in the business occurs in real time. At such situations, the infrastructure of an organization would surely run out of capacity. And here comes the advantage of having an access to the ‘Synaptic Hosting’ from AT&T.

With Synaptic Hosting, you may scale to any capacity having to pay only for what you use. It is largely similar to Amazon’s portal wherein customers can add up any amount of storage space as well as computing power. As a result of Synaptic Hosting, the back-up volumes and the complexity in the system are in turn reduced to a significant level too.

Additionally, AT&T is inclined at layering all the functions of a cloud in conjunction with its established network. This combination can have an altogether different value proposition for its customers.

Of late, the world has witnessed smartphones that rode on AT&T’s power-packed 3G service; a mobile broadband networking service which completely changed the way the world shared data and did all the business. And now, it moves onto AT&T’s very successful 4G mobile broadband networking which has come up as an addition of a layer in the power of AT&T’s cloud computing services.

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