InstaCompute: Simple & Instant Cloud Computing

InstaCompute: Simple & Instant Cloud Computing


InstaCompute is an upcoming cloud solution from Indian Telecom Giant, Tata Communications, provisioning raw computing resources on-demand by offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions for cutting edge application development & testing, scalable web applications, cost effective and on –demand computing power whenever, wherever you need it. InstaCompute is competing in a market largely dominated by Amazon & Rackspace, by coming up with computing resources that are cheaper, more flexible, multiple payment options to choose from and an expanding choice of data centers, keeping the global nature of business in perspective.

InstaCompute aims at providing solution targeted towards software & web development companies, small-to-large system integrators, requiring quick, flexible & reliable access to computing pool that will be billed only when it is utilized; on an hourly rental basis or pay-per-use pricing. InstaCompute is built upon recognized industry standards, including certifications like ISO 20001, SAS 70 Type 2, TIA 942, with its data centers in India & Singapore, expansion in US & UK soon, which will increase performance and reduce latency, in-case customers select the data centre closest to their location.

Key Benefits & Features:

On-Demand Infrastructure:

With InstaCompute it’s easier to provision micro to large computing power with just few clicks and mostly in a matter of just 15 minutes. This on demand infrastructure enables the development of application far much quicker and the ability to test your applications on a scalable architecture. InstaCompute offers virtual servers/computing, storage and internet connectivity on a service based utility model.

Application Development & Hosting:

InstaCompute provides the essential back-end computing & hosting services required to design, develop and deploy critical web applications, which can easily fulfill demand of the increasing user base. The API’s provided by InstaCompute provision quick availability of computing resources for the developer, with flexibility to add & remove for changing application needs.

Computing, Storage & Network pool :

InstaCompute  provides small to massive computing resources, with up to 8 core CPU and 40 GB RAM , using the latest Nehalem EP and EX processors in their servers to increase performance. These highly powered servers can be integrated with massive storage available in a SAN environment, with concrete controlling and security mechanism at every layer. InstaCompute provides the liberty to select the internet service provider of your own choice, with Public IP address allocation, firewall, load balancing and reduced latency switches to complement its highly available architecture.

Economical & Cost Effective:

InstaCompute harmonize the true essence of Cloud Computing, by bringing in economies of scale and to cater business from all sizes and complexity, providing mission critical Information System resources without even investing a penny in their acquisition. They enable the provision of small to large computing resources without increasing capital expenses in purchasing & maintaining them and also the ability to add temporary resources for short projects. The flexible & elastic nature of these resources also enable in  utilizing more resources in peak time and remove them in off-peak time; thus the additional resources utilized will only be billed for the time (In Hours) they were used.

Collaboration & Project Management:

Besides providing core IT services for creating your applications, InstaCompute have other great features for online collaboration, user & team management, giving a centralized console for managing all your projects. You can create as many different projects you like, allocating instances to them and regulating their usage with a defined spending budget, keeping your project costs under control.


InstaCompute provides a cost effective & affordable pricing mechanism, with different payment option from pre-paid, post-paid and corporate pay-order billing. The resources utilized by the customer are always billed according to the hour, with rates for an instance of 1 core 1 GB RAM & 20 GB storage space cost up to $ 0.055/ Hour and $2.490 for an instance of 8 Cores, 40 GB RAM and 20 GB storage space. InstaCompute further facilitate their customers by providing free In-Bound Data Transfer, $0.170/ GB for outbound data transfer and $0.15/GB for additional disk storage. Windows licensing per virtual machine cost from 0.012/core to 0.480/ 8 cores. Besides, InstaCompute offer Firewalls, Load Balancers, Public IP Addresses and internal data transfer free of cost in each plan.


InstaCompute, being a subsidiary of Tata Communication and built upon recognized industry practices,  seems to be a very promising service in the coming future, with their data centers deployed in major business hubs of the world , they will soon grab market attention & recognition. The feature rich service offering, powered by a fully featured free-trial, ability to choose among different geographically dispersed data centers, Service Level Agreement with 99.955 availability, integrated security & load balancing mechanism, and the ever available on-demand highly powerful architecture make them an ideal choice as your Cloud Infrastructure provider.

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