Dell: CEOs May be Expecting too Much from Cloud

Dell: CEOs May be Expecting too Much from Cloud

IT professionals see huge potential in the Cloud, but say that CEOs may be expecting too much, according to a Dell sponsored survey of information technology (IT) professionals by independent market research firm, Marketing Solutions Corporation.

The survey findings clearly reveal gaps between IT professionals and their non-technical senior executives regarding the potential of cloud computing.  About 47 percent of respondent said they were most likely to view cloud as an extension of long-term trends toward remote networks and virtualization.

37 percent percent of those surveyed said cloud is a radically new way to think about their own IT function.

Although 26 percent of IT professionals think senior leaders view the cloud as a logical extension of IT development, 37 percent deemed their business leaders mostly likely to describe the cloud as having “immense potential,” says Dell.

Other findings indicate that 57 percent of respondents perceive data security as a barrier, and 51 percent of respondents believe their business leaders thought so.  32 percent of respondents see potential problems with industry compliance or governance, and 30 percent said they believe their business leaders thought so.

The survey data validates a perceived lingering disconnect in expectations between IT professionals and senior business executives, and we as an industry need to continue to drive transparency and focus on business results and outcomes to help bridge that communications gap,” said Steve Schuckenbrock, president, Dell Services.

He continued: “It’s clear that we as IT professionals must continue to develop a deeper understanding of what our businesses need, often stepping out of traditional comfort zones. We have the opportunity to meet the high expectations our business leaders have placed upon us by focusing less on the architecture of the solution – private, public, hybrid – and more on the critical business outcomes cloud can provide. We’ve reached an inflection point along the IT continuum, one that is shaping the way IT will lead and define long-term results for our organizations.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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