Microsoft and Baycrest Create Cloud for Healthcare Sector

Microsoft and Baycrest Create Cloud for Healthcare Sector

Baycrest has announced a cloud partnership with Microsoft and its partner company Orangutech.

The trio will synergize to create eHealth2Share, a web-based “cloud” for healthcare organizations in Canada and around the world to share information.

This is truly an innovative healthcare sector use of cloud services and the first to leverage the yet-to-be released next version of cloud-based software from Microsoft called Office 365,” said Terrie Tucker, Baycrest’s director of eHealth. “By openly sharing best-in-class content, healthcare institutions are providing each other with access to up-to-date resources and processes.”

eHealth2Share taps the power of Microsoft’s cloud-based software to serve as an online hub for all kinds of non-confidential workflow and data forms.

Healthcare organizations can now save significant time and resources by going to the virtual server and downloading an electronic form, policy or best practice template that another healthcare institute has already developed.

These forms and templates can be customized according to specific needs. eHealth2Share also offers healthcare organizations the option to post their own e-document templates that can be shared with others.

Worldwide healthcare organizations can access the web server by paying an annual subscription fee.

The eHealth2Share solution is a fantastic application that leverages the cloud, and enhances one’s social and professional interactions instantaneously on a global scale in healthcare,” said Joe Biernacki, solution specialist, Microsoft Canada. “Baycrest is demonstrating the first step of innovation that will continue to grow in the area of people helping people connect with one another, share artifacts, and harness cognitive surplus from the worldwide community of healthcare.”

Orangutech is proud to be part of Baycrest’s eHealth2Share portal,” added Mike Maadarani, president and CEO at Orangutech. “Knowledge and application sharing is a key element in today’s electronic world. Providing that one place for collaboration within healthcare, will in turn reduce time for future technology solution readiness as well as lower implementation costs.”

By Anuradha Shukla

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