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Symphony Services Spins off SUMMUS Software

Palo Alto, Calif., June 21, 2011 – Symphony Services today announced it has established its award-winning IT service management offering, SUMMIT, as its own company.  The new company, SUMMUS Software Inc., will aggressively advance SUMMIT’s goals of driving significant improvements to distributed IT governance, service levels and productivity—while addressing global management challenges via the broadest IT monitoring and management functionality available in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.  While the majority of distributed IT service providers focus their offerings on large enterprise customers, SUMMUS is suitable for addressing the needs of small to mid-sized customers as well, ranging from $50 million to $500 million in revenue, with a comprehensive suite of solutions and a price point that is suitable for companies of this size, and affordable day to day operational expense.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of industry analyst research underscoring that the already massive IT monitoring and management market will continue its skyward trajectory in the years ahead—especially for small to mid-sized companies whose specific needs are not addressed by the largest vendors in the space.  There are several major developments driving this trend.  First, the continued trend of aligning IT professionals with individual business units—has accelerated in 2011 given its proven workflow and cost savings benefits.  And there are other forces at work, such as:

  • New services in the Cloud instead of through the private data center – As cloud computing takes off, corporate IT is purchasing an increasing amount of application services and infrastructure through third party companies via the internet.  SUMMIT simplifies management of this model as well as being a service in the cloud.
  • IT consumerization – With more and more employees choosing their own tools and applications (instead of those provided by corporate IT) and huge support for employee-owned devices such as iPads and Android tablets, corporate IT is accepting the need to integrate the employee’s personal and work-specific applications, tools and data.

As a fast-growing company with employees around the country distributed IT monitoring and management has proven to be a very difficult and costly challenge for us,” said Himanshu Shah, Director, Global IT, MSC Software.  “However SUMMIT has exceeded even our own lofty expectations for the highest possible service levels, vastly increased user productivity and enhanced IT governance, all without having to invest in additional IT staff resources.”

SUMMIT: Reaching New Heights in Enterprise IT Management
The establishment of the new company will be welcome news for current SUMMIT customers, all of whom have benefited from the solution’s unparalleled and cost effective distributed IT management capabilities.  For these customers, SUMMIT has defined organizational efficiencies and best practices associated with its “one stop” approach to unified monitoring and management.  SUMMIT is a V3 compliant enterprise service and systems management solution that is built according to established Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines that help businesses establish a standardized set of process for IT management.  SUMMIT’s core modules include:

  • Incident Management – which includes multi-modal logging of incidents through Web, email, voice or customer applications; multi-tenant configuration; an intuitive and simple-to-use dashboard and report builder; and many other features
  • Problem Management – for the tracking and management of root problems to prevent incident recurrence, with auto-archiving of problem records for a defined frequency
  • Change/CMDB Management – simplified change creation using built-in change templates; complete risk assessments and authorizations in workflow tabs with a full audit trail; and other key features
  • Service Level Management – for the monitoring and configuring of multiple SLAs for customers’ Incident Management module
  • Availability Management – for Monitoring of Servers, Networks, Servers and Applications across the enterprise
  • Asset Management – for Monitoring and Management of Assets across the enterprise which also includes Software metering and Asset Lifecycle management with configurable Workflows
  • Compliance management – for managing the compliance of policies/ process within the enterprise which are automated through IT Systems
  • Project Management – for simplified listing and scheduling of all tasks and projects

SUMMIT truly sets a new benchmark in IT Management with an unparalleled breadth of simple to implement functionality.  I am very excited to lead SUMMUS Software and to offer the next generation of capability to the industry,” says Wai Wong, CEO and President of SUMMUS Software and 30 year industry veteran.

Visit SUMMUS Software, Inc. at for more information.

About Symphony Services
Symphony Services is a leader in software product engineering services.  The company’s innovative Engineering Outcome Certainty™ engagement model offers a strict metrics-driven approach, ensuring complete alignment with clients’ business objectives. This methodology is proven to help clients achieve a range of goals, from improving product line revenue to raising client satisfaction, increasing product innovations and reducing time-to-market.

The company’s 3,500 employees globally support over 1,200 product releases annually, helping clients drive unparalleled innovation while bringing predictability to costs, schedules and quality of the outsourced engineering process.  Symphony Services’ capabilities across the full Product Development Lifecycle maximize the ROI for client engineering organizations while delivering market-leading products in Telecom, Healthcare, Energy, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Financial Services and Internet Commerce.

Symphony Services is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., with facilities in North America, India, Europe and China. For more information, please visit

Source: Symphony Services

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