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Security as a Service: The Cloud Alternative

Security as a Service: the cloud alternative

The malware storm puts businesses in a corner bounded by security, performance, and cost—is there a way out? Yes there is—and fittingly, it leads right back to the Web.

Security as a Service, or SaaS, is a comprehensive set of security applications, delivered to clients as services through the cloud. The security provider backs its services with a global network of data centers equipped and staffed to deliver enterprise-grade security and security management. Clients keep their firewall(s) in place, and deploy lightweight endpoint security solutions to block local threats and remediate systems. They then route all Web and email traffic to a security provider’s cloud-based distributed datacenter network, where traffic is scanned, cleaned and routed back to the customer over high-speed, low-latency communication links, as detailed.

How to Protect Your Business from the Coming Malware Storm

This paper describes the evolution and future of the online threat environment, and outlines the security, economy, performance, and control available to smaller businesses who act now to adopt Security as a Service.

The malware storm will force the cost and complexity of premise-based protection to levels sustainable only by national governments and multinational corporations. To keep from being overwhelmed, small and midsize businesses must move defenses outside their own walls, to stop malicious code before it reaches their gateways, servers, and data stores.

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