Gartner Case Study: Mohawk Fine Papers Uses a CSB to Ease Adoption of Cloud Computing

Gartner Inc Case Study: Mohawk Fine Papers Uses a CSB to Ease Adoption of Cloud Computing

This Case Study provides useful lessons for combining e-commerce with cloud computing. See what Liaison Technologies can do for your business… This Case Study examines how paper manufacturer Mohawk Fine Papers uses cloud services brokerage Liaison Technologies' service to help access trading partners and simplify the adoption of cloud computing. The research provides useful lessons for combining traditional e-commerce with cloud computing.


Paper manufacturer Mohawk Fine Papers needed a comprehensive service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based backbone to support interoperability between all its internal and external applications, services and data. This Case Study examines how the company uses a single connection to Liaison Technologies' cloud for access to all its trading partners, simplifying Mohawk's B2B strategy and facilitating the adoption of cloud computing. The study provides useful lessons for anyone considering using cloud services brokerage (CSB).

Key Findings

  • Having one cloud services provider relationship (e.g., with a CSB) can make the transition to using cloud computing much easier than having multiple relationships.
  • It is possible for (and desirable to have) one IT services provider to support hybrid IT projects that combine traditional supply chain integration with cloud services integration.
  • Integration brokerage (outsourcing the implementation and management of B2B and software-as-a-service [SaaS] integration) can lower barriers to cloud computing adoption and deliver cloud benefits faster than doing it in-house.
  • B2B/e-commerce providers that focused on delivering integration brokerage to address traditional supply chain integration requirements can (and most will) evolve into the CSB role and will provide further value by assuming responsibility for addressing interoperability with various cloud services providers.


  • Companies that desire agile multienterprise business process innovation should adopt an integration and SOA strategy that spans application to application (A2A),
  • B2B and cloud. Companies that seek to adopt cloud computing and already leverage integration brokerage for traditional e-commerce projects should consider whether they can leverage the same provider in the CSB role.
  • Providers of integration brokerage should leverage core competencies in integration to adopt the CSB role, in addition to the B2B or e-commerce role.

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