Motorola Accelerates Public Safety LTE Adoption with Cloud

Motorola Accelerates Public Safety LTE Adoption with Cloud

Motorola Solutions has announced the LTE Cloud Core Service as an offering available within its suite of Public Safety Managed Services.  This service has been designed to provide customers deploying Public Safety LTE technology a choice of implementation models.

Motorola is offering both a hosted and owned model for the Public Safety LTE core, and this has enabled agencies to benefit more from private high-speed broadband LTE coverage.  Customers in North America can purchase the LTE Cloud Core Service beginning in the fourth quarter of 2011. The service will be offered through Motorola direct sales.

If an agency picks the LTE Cloud Core Service it can capitalize on Motorola’s experience in communications technology for design, implementation, support and optimization.

Government agencies can also benefit from the LTE Cloud Core Service as it gives them control over their broadband communications. This service allows them to deliver reliable data connectivity at a consistent and predictable cost, says Motorola.

Agencies also get access to next generation broadband technology and experts with Motorola’s LTE Cloud Core Service for their Public Safety LTE deployment.

The company is offering agencies the option to upgrade to a standalone core later, with limited risk to their current investment.

Public safety agencies need reliable and secure wireless broadband connectivity to empower professionals at the incident scene. By providing them with both hosted and owned options for their Public Safety LTE core, we are making the latest mission critical broadband technology available to more state and local customers,” said Jim Welch, senior vice president, North America Sales, Motorola Solutions.

“Motorola is uniquely qualified with decades of global experience in assessing, designing, implementing, optimizing and hosting complete network solutions for hardened and secure public safety communications,” said Bruce Brda, senior vice president and general manager, Global Services, Motorola Solutions. “By enabling multiple customers to share a single Public Safety LTE core and leverage Motorola’s expertise to manage it, we are helping accelerate the adoption of mission critical broadband.

By Anuradha Shukla

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