Startup Promises to Revolutionize Cloud Analytics with Social Media Techniques

Startup Promises to Revolutionize Cloud Analytics with Social Media Techniques

Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. As the multi-billion dollar valuations of Facebook and Twitter have shown, social media is one of the defining phenomena of the modern age. Therefore, it is not surprising that a startup has found a clever way to combine social media with another revolutionary technology of our time, cloud computing. In this way, it has earned for itself the sobriquet of “Twitter for machines.”

Nodeable, a San Francisco–based startup, looks to provide customers of cloud computing performance data about their resources via a Twitter-like stream. As is evident from the $2 million funding it has just received from venture capital (VC) firm True Ventures, there are people who believe in the commercial applications of this idea. Nodeable also has the backing of another VC firm, Crosslink Capital.

So what is this unique thing that Nodeable is selling? It offers cloud computing users the opportunity to clean up resource management through the use of social media techniques. Here’s how it works. Normally, systems management involves IT administrators interacting with applications and dashboards on a case-per-case basis. Nodeable works with those existing applications but modernizes alerts and other interactions into a real-time stream with simple messages.

Thus, Nodeable’s product is like a Twitter for machines in that in that it aggregates systems data from a broad array of sources, processes it, adds messages and presents it to the user. It’s not only about receiving data; commands can be sent as well to the system. Nodeable CEO and co-founder Dave Rosenberg mentioned that users can interact with the platform by employing social networking mechanics like tagging, both in messages sent to systems to other users. The product is currently in beta testing.

“Nodeable’s new approach to managing systems through social mechanics and analytics introduces a breakthrough way to interact with cloud infrastructure,” True Ventures partner Puneet Agarwal said in a statement. “We believe that the Nodeable team has the vision, passion and technical expertise to be successful pioneers in this rapidly growing space.”

“The Nodeable platform uses big data analytics to unlock intelligence about your cloud-based infrastructure, and makes that information easy to understand and apply through a new user interface that looks and feels just like your favorite social networking site,” said Dave Rosenberg. “We are offering the first post-cloud service for managing all the disparate information that pre-cloud tools can’t handle to give users the data they need to make real-time decisions.”

Nodeable’s product presents a unique way to address one of the shortcomings of cloud computing, and provides a major change from the traditional method of systems management. It is expected to considerably reduce the complexities of systems management, and save considerable time and effort in the process.

By Sourya Biswas

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