Exploring the Intel Cloud Builder Community – Opportunities and Challenges in Asia

Exploring the Intel Cloud Builder Community

Nowadays, it is a generally accepted belief that this is going to be an Asian century. In the same manner that the 19th century was dominated by Britain and the 20th century by the United States, experts theorize that China and India are going to be the preeminent nations of the 21st century. Now, any nation desiring advancement has to invest in technology, and Asiatic nations are no different.

With the immense possibilities of Asia, both as a producer and consumer of cloud computing, it’s no surprise that several technology multinationals are looking there. Recently, I came across an interesting interview on the Intel IT community dedicated to cloud computing called Cloud Builders Forum .

Here, in the first of a series of interviews titled Conversations in the Cloud , a weekly podcast providing insights into the technology, director at Intel Billy Cox spoke about the opportunities, challenges (low Internet connectivity) and peculiarities (popularity of pre-paid model) of cloud adoption in Asia. One specific point that grabbed my attention is how Reference Architectures can help consumers determine which technology works for them without having to make a commitment to it.

Cloud Builder is a great initiative by Intel to spread the message of cloud computing. The gamut of articles, whitepapers and other literature from multiple sources, coupled with a discussion forum to exchange ideas, can help Intel emerge a thought leader in this field.

By Sourya Biswas


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