Lightweight Application Development Systems Ride the Cloud: IDG Report

Lightweight Application Development Systems Ride the Cloud: IDG Report

Cloud computing is gaining widespread adoption, and for good reason. Lower costs, increased flexibility, and the ability to scale IT resources up or down as needed are among the primary benefits that have a majority of CIOs leveraging the cloud. In a recent survey conducted by IDG Research Services, IT executives reported they’re well on the way to application development in the cloud, but significant challenges await, especially around data management in the cloud.

While the virtualization of servers running custom applications is mature, we looked at the next logical step: moving those applications to the cloud. In this MarketPulse report, we looked specifically at companies’ confidence and readiness to deploy their custom Java applications in the cloud. We gauged their cloud adoption stage, evaluated data management technologies and how they affect cloud adoption, and considered technical and business factors that will shape their cloud initiatives.

The transition to cloud computing is clearly an evolutionary process. Step one starts with virtualization of the application. To fully harness the opportunities provided by this new architecture, however, step two involves developing your applications in a lightweight application development framework such as Spring. Step three is deploying in a lightweight runtime like Tomcat or VMware’s enterprise version of Tomcat, tc Server— which are ideally suited to run on virtual platforms. Step four involves implementing data management technologies specifically geared for the cloud. The Cloud is For Real As evidenced by the research report, cloud computing
is not pie in the sky.

For example, 57 percent of respondents currently have one or more applications running in the cloud, 31 percent plan to deploy one or more applications in the cloud during the next 12 months, and 24 percent have plans to deploy one or more cloud applications during the next 12 months or beyond.

Learn how to accelerate application deployment and transition to cloud computing by virtualizing apps and implementing a lightweight dev framework.

This paper highlights companies’ confidence level in deploying custom Java applications in the cloud.

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