Cloud Computing 101 For Music Lovers

Cloud Computing 101 For Music Lovers

In the music world, clear skies and clouds go hand in hand. And we don’t mean meteorologically. The boom of cloud computing continues to redefine the ways in which we experience our favorite tunes. The music industry, for example, is no longer packaging songs and albums as products that you purchase. Instead, your tracks are converted into services that you pay to access, very frequently via streaming servers. We understand cloud computing’s rep as confusing. To help you grasp a real world application of this software redefinition, we wanted to present three practical examples of cloud computing at work in the music buff community.

DJs on the Sonic Edge

What’s the number one requirement of any contemporary DJ worth her salt? An encyclopedic knowledge of the musical zeitgeist. Devising fresh and unexpected beats demands the ability to recall tracks that surprisingly pair well together. The turntables are essentially the DJ’s testing site. Cloud computing offers up and coming spinners an airborne set of crib notes, if you will. This technology abolishes the need to curate a set list in the hours before a gig. Because all of your music can be accessed from the cloud, your music collection is always there to help you make it rain. The best cloud computing service for DJs: Cloud Player, courtesy of Amazon. Its app (for the Android and the web) lets you access your whole musical library, even on devices you didn’t yet have time to sync up.

Bob Dylans in Waiting

You’re a traveling troubadour. You’ve set your eyes on crafting the perfect song — and getting paid handsomely for your musical effort. Struggling musicians in the 2010s lack the more consistent music environment that fostered talents like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, or the master Dylan. Exerting control over a fledgling music career was a bit simpler in those days. Illegal downloading, YouTube, and the swelling preference of singles over albums demands a different strategy.

Our suggestion? Consider music-friendly services like SoundCloud. It’s ideal for posting two or three of your hottest tracks to entice attention from blogs, record labels, and fellow musicians. Build hype for each track with a witty description of its inspiration. You can share your music either privately or publicly; you can also automatically post your tracks to your social networks. No matter how you decide to grant access, such cloud computing offers an effective vehicle to promote your music, expansively yet tastefully. The times they are a-changing.

Fitness Fiends

You wouldn’t anticipate us marrying exercise and Elvis Presley. But cloud computing can make it happen. Let’s say that you’re an avid runner who needs music to power each stride. (Your favorite artist? Run DMC, of course.) Many a workout lover finds it a real pain to organize an original track list before each run, lift, or what have you. Store your music in the cloud, and locate a service that can shuffle the best of your pump-up tunes. Tech juggernauts Apple and Google, as well as Amazon, are all launching such athletic music services. The primary hurdle is wrinkling out the licensing agreements with record companies. Let’s hope both sides see eye to eye soon; you’ve got a victory lap to get to.

By Jeff Norman

Jeff Norman

Jeff Norman is a freelance writer currently based in New York City. He's moved into writing about cloud computing from substantial work in culture and the arts. He earned his undergraduate degree in English at Stanford and has studied at Oxford and Cambridge.

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