What’s Trending in Cloud Computing?

What’s Trending in Cloud Computing?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “trend” may be defined as “to show a tendency towards.” When teenagers try to be trendy by incorporating the latest fashions in their sartorial decisions, they provide clothes labels information on what’s popular and what’s not. Thus, there is a continuous feedback loop where labels tell consumers what to buy and consumers tell labels what to sell. Hence, for both providers and consumers of a product or service, it is advantageous to know what’s trending in that industry.

With that thought, this article speaks about the top five trends in cloud computing as identified in a whitepaper by the innovatively-named Enteracloud (www.enteracloud.com), a California-based provider of cloud computing and cloud connectivity solutions.

Enteracloud, founded in 2005, declares its vision as “to provide enterprise class cloud computing and infrastructure services to small businesses.” Considering that small businesses seem to benefit more from moving to the cloud than their larger counterparts, this seems to be a viable business plan (See: Which Type of Businesses Benefit Most from Cloud Computing?).

The top five trends in cloud computing, as found by Enteracloud, are:

  • Growth of the private cloud

Private cloud deployment has been described as “fast and furious.” Personally, I feel that public clouds from established vendors make more sense for small businesses (See: Which is the Safer Cloud – Public or Private?). However, for enterprises, it is understandable why they would be reluctant to hand over control to providers but still leverage the advantages of cloud computing through private clouds (See: Why India Prefers Private Clouds Over Hybrid Clouds).

  • Growth of the hybrid cloud

The paper says that hybrid clouds are “here to stay.” I had explored possible reasons in an earlier article (See: Having the Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Clouds).

  • The inevitability of consolidation

Enteracloud said that like every technology and industry that has gone through cycles of consolidation, cloud computing is showing that trend. I had written about this specific possibility earlier (See: Is Consolidation Coming to Cloud Computing?).

  • Formation of cloud communities

The paper identifies the emergence of the following user communities in the cloud computing space – application performance communities, regulatory communities, and location-based services communities.

  • Renewed interest in managed services

Enteracloud said that cloud computing has rekindled interest in managed services as they reassess their resource strategies with emphasis on infrastructure management.

The cloud has become an expectation rather than a novelty in IT today, so it’s not surprising that discussions among top IT pros are taking a new turn, focusing on the type of cloud solution that can be of most benefit to a company, the best ways to deploy a cloud strategy and the kinds of value-added services that can be bundled with that cloud offering,” said Tim Doscher, CTO of Enteracloud.

By Sourya Biswas

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